<![CDATA[Testosterone prescriptions among Scottish females under 19 jump 5000% over past decade: report]]> females in Scotland have skyrocketed in recent years, with all demographics seeing a rise in the use of the male sex hormone. While menopausal-age women make up the bulk of the use, more and more younger females have been offered the drug by doctors.

In 2023, nearly 500 females under 19 years of age were prescribed testosterone, compared to just 20 in 2013. The fifty-fold increase over just a decade has coincided with a rise in young girls identifying as transgender.

According to National Health Service data cited by the Times, a total of 484 females under 19 were prescribed testosterone in Scotland. That number was less than half just a year earlier. The outlet reported that a number of doctors expressed concern over that figure, with some saying they witnessed girls of primary school age having their gender identity affirmed by healthcare professionals despite the presence of autism, toxic homes, and other signs that a more thorough investigation should have been done before jumping to hormone treatment.

During the same time period, 2013 to 2023, the number of women in their twenties being prescribed testosterone jumped from 47 to nearly 2,200. Likewise, among those between 50 and 59, there was an increase from 151 to 3,773. The bulk of those in the latter demographic sought the drug after the release of a Channel 4 documentary on the benefits of testosterone for aspects of life impacted by menopause.

Earlier this year, Scotland paused the prescription of puberty-blocking medication for anyone under 18 following a study by the National Health Service in England that prompted the nation to do the same. On July 5, the Chief Medical Officer issued a report offering a Scottish take on the English study. Prescriptions will remain paused pending a review of the recommendations set forth in the report and the government's response.

<![CDATA[Left-wing German government bans right-wing Compact magazine over promotion of ‘extremist’ views]]> On Tuesday, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced that the far-right Compact magazine has been banned due to its promotion of "extremist" views and "anti-Semitic conspiracy theories." She ordered the publication to cease printing paper copies, shut down its website, and remove all content from its YouTube channel. Compact will have an opportunity to appeal, though should it fail, the state could seize its assets.

Founder and editor-in-chief Jürgen Elsässer has long advocated for an "overthrow" of the "regime," and championed the creation of another East Germany with far-right politician Björn Höcke as its leader and "German-Russian battalions" protecting its border.

"Today I banned the right-wing extremist Compact magazine," Faeser said. "Compact is the central mouthpiece of the right-wing extremist scene. It has a clear agenda to link right-wing extremists and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The self-declared goal is the destruction of our free society."

She claimed that the magazine "incites and agitates in unspeakable ways against Jews, against anyone with a migrant background, and against our parliamentary democracy," championing the ban as "another hard blow against right-wing extremism."

"Our constitutional state protects all, regardless of their origin, skin color or even because of their democratic stance," Faeser added. "We do not allow ethnicity to define who belongs to Germany and who does not. I would like to thank the federal security authorities and the participating states for this consistent measure in the fight against right-wing extremism."

As Tagesschau reports, through the early hours of the morning, police in four states conducted searches on properties associated with the publication, including the homes of Elsässer and some employees. No arrests were made, however evidence was collected.

Elsässer called the ban "dictatorial," suggesting it was the worst attack on the press Germany has seen in decades. "You are treating us like a mafia, like a terrorist group," he said, per the Straits Times, "but we are a legal press organ with a clean criminal record. This makes it clear that the only aim is to destroy the opposition and us as the strongest media. We are already in contact with lawyers."

Since its founding in Falkensee near Berlin in 2010, Compact has become quite popular among voters of Alternativ für Deutschland, and AfD members have been frequent contributors. Following the ban, a number of politicians belonging to the party condemned the government's decision.

"The new left-green dictatorship will not say that it is establishing a dictatorship," Bundestag member Jürgen Braun wrote in a post on X. "It will say: 'We are protecting democracy'. I call it [a new type of democracy] because opposition is forbidden and dissenting opinions are fought back against."

He went on to say that despite his personal disagreements with Elsässer, he supports Compact "against the unconstitutional ban by the left-wing radical minister."]]>
<![CDATA[EXCLUSIVE: Missouri AG Andrew Bailey to file a brief to vacate NYC conviction of President Trump]]> Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec featured Missouri AG Andrew Bailey and Editor-in-chief of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam live from the RNC convention in Milwaukee. During the broadcast, Bailey exclusively announced he is "filing a brief in the trial court in New York demanding that they vacate the judgment and dismiss the indictment [of Donald Trump] immediately."

Bailey called the case "illegal," adding that "They used evidence that violated the sovereign interest the President has in performing the core functions of his office." He explained that the Supreme Court's presidential immunity ruling, stating that presidents have immunity over any official acts, meant that evidence was used in the case "that violated the sovereign interest the President has in performing the core functions of his office."

Posobiec added that "the trial judge should have applied" the presidential immunity in the case. "Got to be thrown out. Should have been thrown out in the first instance, we're going to give the trial court one more chance to do the right thing and dismiss the case against President Trump, and if they don't do it, then our case at the United States Supreme Court becomes even that more important," Bailey stated.

Watch the full episode below.

<![CDATA[VIJAY JAYARAJ: West’s citizens suffer as coal-fired Asian states prosper]]> The West's grand crusade for a carbon-neutral future is turning into a colossal tragedy of misplaced priorities, producing no environmental benefit while imposing hardships on citizens. Burdened with “green” policies, European and American families huddle in the cold -- or swelter in the heat -- to save on skyrocketing energy bills and their factories face crippling electricity costs and the threat of power shortages. Meanwhile, Asia grows its economy by burning ever larger quantities of coal.

China and India, respectively, the world's largest and second largest energy consumers, are on a coal-fired rampage, building new power plants and opening new mines at a breathtaking rate. Energy Institute reports that global coal consumption has hit a record high, thanks to the energy demand in Asia Pacific.

Developed nations pat themselves on the back for shutting down coal plants, even as Asia's insatiable appetite for hydrocarbons cancels out the pathetic results of the West’s failing climate policies. Every new mine in India or every additional megawatt of coal-generated power in China negates any effect that emission-reduction plans of the West might have.

Coal remains a cornerstone of energy production in the Asia Pacific region. The justification for Asia's expansion of coal use is rooted in economic realities. China and India are well along with rapid industrialization. Their populations crave affordable, reliable baseload power – the kind that coal-fired plants excel at providing. Moreover, coal is abundant both domestically and globally.

In contrast, energy sources like solar and wind simply are not stable or cheap enough to meet the massive demands of these nations' burgeoning economies. This is why Asians continue to place their trust in coal. According to Energy Institute’s 2024 Statistical Review of World Energy, global coal consumption hit an all-time high in 2023, with the data revealing that rising use in Asia Pacific offset a drop in coal consumption in the rest of the world..

In other words, closures of coal plants in the U.S. and Europe are meaningless in terms of a net reduction in plant emissions. There is none.

Distant net-zero targets set by China (2060) and India (2070) give them free passes to continue using coal for the foreseeable future. Attempts to cut emissions would stymie economic growth, decrease employment in key sectors and exacerbate energy poverty, none of which are on the agendas of these countries.

The West often overlooks social implications of its green push. Energy prices have surged and reliability of supply has declined as traditional coal and gas plants are decommissioned and wind and solar power enter the grid. With a limited financial buffer, the low-income family is most acutely affected. Heating a home or putting food on a table becomes an actual choice.

Expensive energy has become a significant threat to the viability of some businesses. The Federation of Small Businesses in the U.K. reports an average rise in energy costs of 424% from 2021 to 2023.

Whether it be the struggles of working families or the pressures of profit-and-loss accounting, such harsh realities seem invisible to climate crusaders.

The highest court in the U.K. has ruled that “the climate impact of burning coal, oil and gas must be taken into account when deciding whether to approve projects,” This can only worsen the country’s energy security.

In Australia, most provinces face the risk of blackouts due to the government's decision to deprioritize fossil fuel supply. Insufficient wind power generation is putting pressure on gas availability, exposing the fecklessness of years of constraints on new supplies. Gas producers and consumers are frustrated at a lack of response to warnings of possible shortages.

The recent poor showing of green parties in European elections suggests that the common man of the West may be warning of another looming shortage. That would be in people’s patience with nonsensical climate policies.

Vijay Jayaraj is a Research Associate at the CO2 Coalition, Arlington, Virginia. He holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences from the University of East Anglia, U.K.

<![CDATA[OLIVER GHORBANIFAR: They’ll try to kill him again]]> On Saturday, July 13th, a would-be assassin took aim at former and future President Trump’s head and almost took it off. Literally, only centimeters separated the United States from disaster and potentially even the outbreak of civil war. The fact that the bullet only tore through his ear without causing any kind of deep wound is a genuine and legitimate miracle.

How the shooter was able to get into a perfect, elevated firing position that was only a few hundred yards away from the podium where Trump was speaking is currently unknown. It remains a mystery why snipers from Trump's security detail, who appeared in video footage from the event to have already had their eyes on the shooter, allowed him to fire first before neutralizing him. Equally baffling is why Trump’s secret service detail was so small, undersized to the point that Trump’s team had repeatedly requested it be expanded. The Biden administration deliberately and persistently rejected this request.

The bizarre coincidences, however, keep piling up, to the point where one would almost be tempted to conclude that something was going on here that wasn't exactly kosher, something perhaps even sinister.

The details of such a plot (if it indeed existed) currently remain a mystery. However, it is not a mystery that the Democratic establishment has been encouraging would-be assassins to try and take a shot at President Trump for years.

In fact, from the minute he won the Republican nomination in 2016, the media and their deep state allies have been trying their very hardest to inspire someone to provide a ‘final solution’ to their biggest problem. And all while maintaining plausible deniability.

From the constant and absurd comparisons of Trump to Hitler and other fascist dictators, to the lies of the Russiagate hoax, to the brutal violence of Floyd's "mostly peaceful" summer, to the insane slew of weaponized lawfare and indictments unleashed, the liberal establishment has given itself a single mission: stop Trump by any means necessary.

Thus, it's no surprise that, in their deepest panic, they are now lashing out violently.

Leftists, by both their ideology and nature, are collective creatures. Most of them exist within a larger liberal hive mind, especially in the age of social media.

And right now, the hive mind is terrified. The implosion of Biden on the debate stage and his subsequent descent into Alzheimer's-fueled madness, along with Trump's successful evasion of multiple indictments aimed at persecuting him and his family and ensuring his death in prison, have pushed the Democrats to the brink.

They know they're losing, and they're losing badly. Even before the attack on Trump, it was becoming increasingly clear to many in the party that they were on the road, not just to losing the election, but to a landslide loss of historic and perhaps unprecedented proportions. One that would see them lose not just the presidency but the House and Senate as well. 

Meaning that Trump, the man they have spent years convincing themselves is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, will have complete control of the U.S. government in just a few months. 

This reality will become even more terrifying to liberals in the wake of Trump successfully surviving the first attempt on his life, a fact many liberals were quite disappointed in after the fact. 

Thus, they really have no choice; they have to try again. After all, as the classic saying goes, “don’t swing at the king and miss.” If Trump does take office, he is now far more likely to pursue serious investigations of Democratic wrongdoing and corruption. Investigations which are likely to implicate figures at the very top of the Democratic Party’s hierarchy.

So, with over three months still to go in the campaign, it will be prudent to expect the worst. Absolutely everything in the liberal hive mind’s arsenal will now be thrown at Trump, with every mentally ill blue anon communist and freak available coming out of the woodwork to try their hand at taking down Trump before it's too late. 

This will be especially taxing on Trump’s Secret Service detail, who have now been exposed by Saturday's events as both understaffed and largely incompetent, meaning that if Trump and his family wish to stay safe, they will have to turn to private security to keep them safe going forward. 

Special care should also be taken to deal with unconventional threats, as the next attack is just as likely to come from explosive-laden drones as it is from the barrel of a rifle.

The radical Democrats have driven America to the brink of the abyss, and the question of when they will try once again to push us all over the edge is unfortunately now one of when and not if.

<![CDATA[Injured Russian soldiers forced to continue fighting on front lines in ‘meat wave’: report]]> Russia has reportedly begun forcing wounded soldiers to continue fighting on the front lines as its army deals with a growing number of casualties on the battlefield in the war with Ukraine. Those who suffered injuries during combat have asked their superiors and government officials to receive proper medical treatment or be discharged, however their pleas have been ignored.

As the Telegraph reports, Russian forces has experienced an average of 1,000 deaths per day over the past two months, with that number showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. While many are killed in combat, others are injured and simply left to die by their own army.

In one video obtained by the outlet, a group of wounded soldiers address the issue. "We are in the Special Military Operation zone in [Luhansk]," they explained. "More than 50 people have arrived from hospitals. These are the remnants of three companies. Our command took us to the location and sent us in groups to combat tasks, even though everyone here needs surgery and hospital treatment."

One of the men claimed that field medics "shrug their shoulders" when requests for aid are made, despite the fact that they all have documents showing that they "have been given leave due to injury." He said they were all in need of "further treatment and rehabilitation," but that not only "none of this is being fulfilled," the injured soliders are actually being ordered to continue fighting.

In their video address, the men called on the military prosecutors' office, the Ministry of Defense, and Vladimir Putin himself to "take urgent measures in accordance with current legislation." They stressed that once recovered, they would gladly go back out onto the battlefield.

As the Telegraph reports, while some soldiers in the "meat wave" were suffering from shrapnel wounds, others were amputees or used crutches.

<![CDATA[JACK POSOBIEC and NICK ADAMS: It was ‘instinctual’ for Trump to get back up so quickly after assassination attempt]]> Human Events Daily Monday where they broadcasted live from the RNC convention in Milwaukee. The pair discussed the topic top of mind for all Americans that day, the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump.

The moment during the incident that moved Adams the most, he stated, was "how quickly [Trump] got up" and "how defiant he was," calling it an "instinct" of the former president. "It wasn't something that he thought about, it was instinctual," Posobiec agreed.

The host then asked his guest what he predicted Trump will do in the wake of his attempted assassination and what qualities Adams sees in Trump that makes him an "alpha male."

"An alpha male would definitely unite the country. And despite what the mainstream media has been saying for so many years, Jack, I do see Donald Trump as a unifying figure," Adams stated, adding that "I think now the President has a very unique opportunity to unify this country beyond his previous attempts. I think he's going to be successful, because everything this president touches, Jack, turns to gold."

He continued: "Jack, an alpha male is a leader. He's someone that stands up and takes the hits for people, and Donald Trump has done that for the last eight years of public life. He stood up for Americans. He could be right now on the island of Mikonos, knocking back ouzo, having a great time, but instead, he's here fighting for us. He's here literally taking bullets for us, that's an alpha, that's a leader, that's someone that's unapologetic, unafraid, determined, resilient, defiant. These are the things that make great leaders. Donald Trump is our Winston Churchill, and he will save Western civilization."

Watch the full episode below.
<![CDATA[Irish protesters clash with police at protest against mass migration as shelter site set ablaze]]> Ireland gathered to protest mass migration outside the construction site of a controversial migrant center on Monday. The site was set ablaze in a suspected arson attack and 12 arrests were made amid the chaos, per The Irish Times. In video footage posted to X, a wall to the site could be seen with "Coolock says no. Out" graffitied in black spray paint.

The crowd totaled around 100 people and consisted of mostly males in their teens and 20s, per the outlet. Around 200 Gardai including 30 in riot gear were deployed to break up the protesters. After their arrival, the protesters reportedly began throwing rocks and other objects and the police responded with pepper spray. Some of the projectiles thrown by protesters included bricks and fireworks, per Barron's.

During the clash, 12 arrests were made and many local businesses were forced to close. The Gardai reported that many of their vehicles were damaged. One person believed to be a security guard for the construction site was reportedly injured.


“There is a significant Garda presence in place, which includes several Garda Public Order Units,” a spokesperson said. “Several people have been arrested, and are currently in custody at Garda stations in Dublin, pursuant to Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984. The Malahide Road at Coolock is currently closed in both directions, and local diversions are in place. It is the intention to re-open the Malahide Road as soon as it safe to do so. This operation remains ongoing.”

In another video uploaded to social media, police could be seen rising towards a man isolated on a sidewalk near where the protest was taking place. They threw him to the ground and began to hit him even though he did not appear to be violent or resisting.

The protests and fire have delayed construction of the center "for several months," the integration ministry stated. The completed facility is set to be used to accommodate up to 500 migrants. The fire destroyed a mechanical digger and other construction machinery.

<![CDATA[Zelensky says he’s ‘not afraid’ of potential Trump win, believes they would work together]]> Ukrainian president did, however, acknowledge that if Donald Trump is re-elected, the aid from the United States that his nation has relied on may dry up.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he could end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours, and criticised his successor for continuing to shell out billions of dollars in military aid. He also appeared to be in favor of working with Russia to put an end to the fighting via a deal that would see to it that Ukraine doesn't join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and cedes territory to Putin.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, Zelensky told reporters he and his government would be willing to work with whoever Americans elect in November, Democrat or Republican. He claimed that while there is still sizable support for sending billions in aid to his nation among both parties, more "right-wing radical" politicians were becoming more pronounced in their opposition.

"Regarding the way one of the presidential candidates, Trump, envisions the end of the war, I understand it in general," Zelensky said. "I think that if Mr. Trump becomes president, then we will work [together]. I'm not afraid of that."

Other world leaders have expressed concern that Republicans will gut funding for Ukraine, and NATO recently announced it would be stationing a senior civilian official in Kyiv to "Trump-proof" the nation.

"A big reason for the change is to Trump-proof the assistance effort to Ukraine," former US-NATO ambassador Ivo Daalder said. "Rather than having Washington in charge of managing the training and assistance, NATO will be in charge. So even if the US reduces or withdraws support for the effort, it won't be eliminated."]]>
<![CDATA[KENNY CODY: Vance is the best VP choice for Trump]]> Hillbilly Elegy, detailing his rags-to-riches story while growing up in Middletown, Ohio, under his Kentuckian-born family. The book resonated with many across the country by allowing them to view southern Appalachian, rural Americans through a more positive scope than they had ever seen before. Overnight, Vance became a media darling but was quickly criticized by establishment media for awakening a new understanding of Rust Belt culture, Appalachian values, and the struggles of economically disproportionate whites in the United States.

Meanwhile, the country was being taken over in a firestorm of political rhetoric never seen in politics, as entrepreneur and TV personality Donald Trump won the Presidency on the heels of a campaign on populism, nationalism, and pure Americanism. From November 2016, Trump changed the political landscape in ways that had never been tapped into, revealing the silent majority of rural voters that helped propel him and his supporters to heights, federal positions, and ideological shifts unlike any other movement in American history.

Fast forward to the present year, an election year, 2024. On the heels of his attempted assassination, the 45th President and 2024 Republican Party Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, selected now-United States Senator from Ohio, JD Vance, as his Vice Presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How the GOP got to the Trump-Vance ticket is no mystery. On the scope of two back-to-back losses to President Obama at the hands of moderates John McCain and Mitt Romney, the Republican Party had to shift in a new direction. While hardly anyone could have predicted that the most globally impacting campaign in modern world history would be led by Donald Trump and figures such as Senator Vance, that is precisely what transpired.

Vance began to rightly correct himself about his feelings on Trump as he entered office in 2017. Like many, Vance had been told by the media, the left, and many pundits that Trump was the next coming of Adolf Hitler when it could not have been any further from the truth. Not only did JD Vance come to appreciate Trump, but he quickly identified with the American nationalism that his administration was advocating for.

From anti-interventionist foreign policy, which he supported due to his experiences as a United States Marine Corps veteran, to President Trump's advocacy for bringing American companies back home and enacting tariffs on countries not paying their fair share to the United States, Vance began to align himself with the America First movement.

He not only openly supported Trump as he witnessed his Presidency but was so inspired by the 45th President's policies and messages that he declared a run for the United States Senate in the midterm elections of 2022. After winning both the primary and general elections on the backing of President Trump himself, JD Vance, the under-forty-year-old, Appalachian-raised Ohio native, was sworn into the United States Senate.

Since entering the Senate's chambers, Senator Vance has been a symbol of America First policy and an outspoken Trump ally. A strong voice in an ever increasingly weak congress, Senator Vance spoke out on issues such as legal and illegal immigration, anti-intervention overseas, anti-foreign aid, and domestic issues with no fear or shame about him. He consistently looks for solutions like mass deportation, protectionist reforms on foreign economic affairs, and pragmatism regarding organizations such as labor unions in blue-collar America. During his tenure, Vance has been the unique and lone bulwark that the legislative branch of the United States government so desperately needed and one that understood the often-overlooked plights of everyday Americans in a way no other politician in Washington could have ever begun to have understood.

Witnessing this, Trump has chosen a man as good electorally as he is morally and ideologically. A proud Christian and social conservative, Vance can relate to the party's evangelical base by using pragmatic approaches to social policy while still attracting independent and minority voters. From his roots and experiences, the Senator from Ohio can also speak to everyday Americans to understand the struggles of the working class because they are his people. From East Palestine to the hills of Kentucky, Vance can talk to any American and relate to their story while not compromising his promise to put America First.

In the aftermath of his attempted assassination in Pennsylvania on June 13th, President Trump needed to pick a man who would be as loyal to him as they were electorally viable. With Vance, Trump is getting the entire package. Young, well-spoken, relatable, and cunning are all words that describe the Senator to a tee.

The GOP has nominated two men who truly understand the working class and average United States citizens in a way no President or Vice President has prior.

A Trump-Vance ticket is needed to give power back to the everyday American.]]>
<![CDATA[Gaza agitators vandalize iconic London Cenotaph, drape Palestinian flag on memorial]]> Israel agitators desecrated the Cenotaph in London by placing a Palestinian flag atop its steps and spray painting "180,000 killed" in front of it on Monday. The two protesters wore shirts that read "Youth Demand," which is an off-shoot of Just Stop Oil, per the Daily Mail. Metropolitan Police confirmed that both were "quickly" arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. The incident was filmed and uploaded to social media.

The "180,000 killed" figure, written in red chalk, "references a recent report in the Lancet which speculated that the number of people who have died in Gaza may be significantly higher than what has been circulated," the outlet stated. During the demonstration, the two women additionally displayed signs that read "STOP ARMING ISRAEL" and "NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE" as they showed their hands painted red.

Soon after, Metropolitan Police posted to X: "These two women were quickly arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and are in custody. The damage was caused to the road and not the Cenotaph. Everyone has the right to peaceful protest but where that crosses the line into criminality we will take action."

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The perpetrators were identified as Olivia Burnett, 22, from Leeds, and Esther Akatwijuka, 20, from Bristol. Other footage posted to the Youth Demand X account showed Burnett shouting that Gaza "has been so destroyed it is literally a different color from space" and that the group "demands a two-way arms embargo on Israel now."

All the posts from the group's X account surrounding this particular incident include a link to a fundraising page entitled "Youth Demand: Escalate for Rafah" where they have raised £20,000 out of the £40,000 they are asking for. The page states that the group "needs funds now to: hire halls for trainings for those taking action, pay living/working expenses for our small core team, buy kit for actions including banners, flags and flares" and " contribute to legal and police station support for those facing arrest."

Akatwijuka is also reportedly part of the Our Air Our City climate agitator group.


Of the incident, veterans minister Al Carns stated: "The act of vandalism is abhorrent. No matter what is happening in the world, the Cenotaph must be respected. It stands in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedoms we enjoy today."

<![CDATA[JOHN MAC GHLIONN: Make America ‘gangsta’ again]]> Jesus was prosecuted and assassinated. Donald Trump faced both and survived. And although he never rose from the dead, he did rise from the ground, triumphant, his face smeared in blood, after a crazed lunatic recently tried to shoot him.

In the eyes of his detractors on the left, Trump is a gangster, a figure who orchestrates chaos and disruption with calculated intent, wielding his power to challenge norms and institutions. To them, he represents a threat to stability and democratic ideals.

Conversely, to his supporters on the right, Trump is viewed as a gangsta, embodying resilience, swagger, and defiance against political correctness and establishment elites. His appeal lies in his willingness to challenge the status quo. His unapologetic approach resonates with those who feel marginalized or overlooked by traditional political structures.

The distinction between gangster and gangsta is more than just semantics. A gangster, in the conventional sense, is a criminal who is widely feared and generally loathed. Think of Al Capone, whose name evokes images of dastardly deeds and ruthless power plays. Capone’s legacy is one of infamy, a cautionary tale of crime and punishment. On the other hand, a gangsta, in the cultural lexicon, is a symbol of strength, charisma, and survival against all odds. This figure is more aligned with the narratives found in hip-hop culture, where the gangsta rises from the streets, overcomes immense adversity, and commands respect through sheer force of will. This gangsta persona fits Trump’s public image perfectly: from his flashy lifestyle to his unyielding confidence, Trump is as close to a real-life rap icon as politics has ever seen.

Trump's life mirrors the archetypal rapper narrative. Consider the bling: Trump Tower, with its golden fixtures and opulent décor, is the real estate equivalent of a rapper's diamond-encrusted grill. The string of beautiful women, from Melania to his past relationships, parallels the glamorous partners often seen by the sides of rap moguls. The lavish lifestyle is evident in his private jets, sprawling estates, and high-stakes ventures. His colorful entourage includes not just political allies but also celebrities and business magnates, from Kid Rock to Dana White.

Like Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, Donald Trump has faced assassination attempts. Unlike them, though, the former president survived. Among his right-wing supporters, Trump hasn't just survived; he's emerged from these incidents not as a martyr but as a living legend. It might sound over-the-top, but it's true. The recent attempt on his life only added to his legend, much like a rapper’s street cred grows after surviving a shooting.

The iconic image of Trump—standing defiantly, fist raised, blood running down his face—paints a picture of a man who thrives on confrontation and controversy. He’s been cast as everything from a savior to a scourge, but what’s undeniable is his impact. In the narrative of American politics, Trump, much like Eminem and Ice Cube, embodies the classic anti-hero—a flawed protagonist whose story grips the masses. His rallies, packed with devoted supporters, often resemble the electric energy of a sold-out rap concert, where the performer commands the stage and the audience hangs on every word.

The gangsta archetype is not about morality but about presence. It’s about commanding respect through sheer force of personality. Trump’s bombastic style, his penchant for the dramatic, and his refusal to conform to political norms all contribute to his gangsta image. He’s not just a politician; he’s a cultural phenomenon. His social media rants, reminiscent of a rapper’s diss tracks, keep him in the public eye and maintain his relevance in the fast-paced news cycle. His feuds, whether with political rivals or media outlets, are akin to rap beefs, where the public eagerly watches and waits for the next provocative move.

Trump's reality TV background, with "The Apprentice," added another layer to his gangsta image. Just as rappers like Ice-T and Snoop Dogg transitioned from music to television, Trump’s move from real estate mogul to TV star to President showcased his ability to dominate multiple arenas. This versatility is a hallmark of the gangsta archetype: the ability to adapt, reinvent, and remain in control.

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to respect Trump. This is the essence of the gangsta ethos: respect earned not through virtue but through sheer audacity. And, for the best part of half a century, Trump’s audacity has been on full display, from his early days as a brash real estate mogul to his tenure as a headline-making President. His negotiation tactics, often described as aggressive and unorthodox, mirror the hustle mentality of a rapper making deals in a cutthroat industry.

Today, on the global stage, that’s the one thing the US sorely lacks. Joe Biden, the mumbler-in-chief, has significantly undermined the nation's credibility. In a world where perception often trumps reality, the perception of strength can be more impactful than actual strength. Trump, with his larger-than-life persona, projects an image of America that is bold, unyielding, and intimidating. Donald J. Trump may or may not make America great again, but he can certainly make it gangsta again. 

<![CDATA[HUMAN EVENTS: You missed]]>
Former President Donald J. Trump, while speaking at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, was shot by an assassin’s bullet: a bullet that came (literally) within an inch of killing him. Had the wind been slightly different, or had Trump inclined his head slightly differently, the bullet – which clipped his right ear – might well have ended his life forever. Only God knows what might have happened after that. With any luck, only God will ever know.

What we do know, however, is that President Trump’s response is now an instant icon. In a photo captured by Associated Press chief photographer Evan Vucci, Trump stands defiant amidst the scrum of Secret Service agents, one fist clenched in the air, blood streaming down his face as his mouth opens in a leonine roar. Above his head, the American flag flies, upside down: an immortal signal of protest and distress. It was the move of a seasoned leader who knows that in times of crisis people need reassurance, and he gave it. Amid the chaos, Trump stood strong, let the people know he was still there, unflinching, ready to face whatever came his way, and everything that will come his way. And the people stood and cheered, bolstered by the knowledge that Trump was leading the charge and that they could depend on his endurance.

Moreover, while this photo is the stuff of Renaissance painters, video of Trump’s response, in which he can be seen pumping his fist repeatedly and shouting “fight” as the crowd chants “USA,” will also enter the annals of history, to say nothing of a million memes. Already, people are remixing it with audio from 50 Cent.

To comment on a moment like this is always difficult, not because there is nothing to say, but because the obvious questions and observations seem small next to the reverence demanded for its historicity. Nevertheless, we will try. To start with, the attempted assassination of Donald Trump – for that is what this was, according to both the Secret Service and FBI – poses a number of troubling questions, and even moreso, the more we learn about it.

What we know so far is that the culprit (about whom, more in a second) was somehow able to climb onto the roof of a structure which even a dim bodyguard should’ve recognized as a potential sniper’s nest, and then get off multiple shots, one of which managed to tragically strike and kill one of the rally attendees: former Butler County fire chief Corey Comperatore. Needless to say, our prayers will join in unison with the millions who recognize this man as the innocent victim of senseless, cowardly political violence. But we also have to wonder, why was he put in that position? How did this happen? How did the Secret Service let this happen?

It’s not as if they were without warnings. Footage from an interview between reporters at the BBC and another rally attendee who spotted the shooter in the act of climbing into his nest indicate that local police were told about him and ignored the warnings. Though in fairness, they may have assumed that this “warning” was, in fact, about a secret service agent assuming the position in order to stop potential shooters.

Which brings us to the person who really ought to face questions: Secret Service director Kimberly A. Cheatle. And Cheatle has a lot of questions to answer.

Firstly, shortly after the incident, allegations began to circulate that the Secret Service had denied funding for more extensive protection for Trump’s detail, despite fears that something like this might happen. Is this true? If so, then Cheatle must not only resign, but questions must be asked about her boss, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Even assuming, as we must without further evidence, that the shooter acted alone, conscious negligence in protecting a disfavored presidential candidate is a scandal which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must be held to account for, if such a scandal does, indeed exist. It is not as if the idea was unheard-of among Democrats. Prior to this incident, House Democrats had already floated bills stripping Trump of Secret Service protection. Now we know why. Some of them clearly wanted something like this to happen.

But that alone does not account for a larger issue. That is to say, as Blackwater founder Erik Prince tweeted after the incident, “the fact that [US Secret Service] allowed a rifle armed shooter within 150yds to a preplanned event is either malice or massive incompetence.” That is to say, even taking lack of funding or resources into account, stopping an attempt like this should’ve been basic advance team 101 stuff. We must know from the Secret Service how they prepared the scene, what security precautions they did take, why they diverted resources from Trump’s rally to a Jill Biden event (according to RealClearPolitics reporter Susan Crabtree), and why the shooter was able to so easily hoodwink them. Especially considering who the shooter is.

Oh yes, about that. As confirmed from the FBI Saturday night, the shooter – who was killed at the scene – is one Thomas Matthew Crooks of Butler, Pennsylvania. And who is Thomas Matthew Crooks, the man who nearly brought down a former (and possibly future) leader of the free world? Is he a trained assassin? Ex-Special Forces? Perhaps a former NAVY Seal?

Ha. No. Admittedly, as presidential assassins go, Crooks is a bit of a cipher, but what we do know so far is this: he’s a dweeby 20-year-old kid who donated $15 to ActBlue when President Biden was inaugurated, appeared as an extra in an ad for Blackrock, and yet was apparently a registered Republican in Pennsylvania. Though given that Pennsylvania is a closed primary state, one wonders if he only assumed that registration in order to vote for Nikki Haley and troll the man who he would later attempt to kill. However, while his motives remain a stubborn and frustrating mystery, we do think we can say this: he was clearly mentally ill and without any apparent combat training. Not the sort of person, in other words, who the Secret Service should have had trouble preempting. Yet they did. How? And why?

However, whatever the answers to these questions, and heaven knows how many others which will doubtlessly emerge the more we learn about this situation, we think there is one fairly safe bet coming out of this: President Trump will almost certainly be the 47th President of these United States. The last such attempted assassination attempt – against President Ronald Reagan in 1981 – caused Reagan’s approval rating to spike by double digits. Trump, given his instantly iconic response, seems very likely to benefit from a similar bump, especially given that this occurred practically on the eve of the Republican National Convention, when Americans will presumably be reminded of it day and night. What’s more, we suspect, this incident will partially quiet the Democrats’ rapidly growing civil war over whether President Biden is fit for purpose. Not because he is, but because when you’re walking into a meat grinder, why waste time running a candidate with an actual future? Better to run the old, sacrificial lamb who’s past his prime.

But more than these mundane considerations, a reckoning is clearly in the works for the irresponsible and craven Leftist culture which made an act like this not merely a possibility, but an inevitability. Already, those who compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, or prophesied the “end of democracy” if he was elected, or engaged in histrionic fantasies about an incipient American dictatorship being cooked up in the bowels of the Heritage Foundation through Project 2025 are facing long overdue accountability for their overheated and underthought rhetoric. And the responses have been revealing.

Some, like the calumnious and effeminate Twitch streamer Destiny, tastelessly tried to equate this incident to January 6th, while dancing on the grave of the one dead victim by labeling him a sympathizer with treason who “caught a stray.” Those people should be shoved back under their rocks and, ideally, deprived of internet access for the sake of America’s collective sanity.

Others, mostly #NeverTrumpers, have insisted that they’re still well within their rights to call Trump a threat to democracy, because they at least aren’t okay with him being shot. The disingenuousness and moral narcissism is stunning, when you consider that these same people often insist Trump is a threat to democracy precisely because of his rhetoric. In their minds, his rhetoric is responsible for January 6th. Yet now that their rhetoric may have inspired something even worse, they’re allowed to claim that their intentions place it above reproach? Nonsense. And so, too, is any claim that Trump is a threat to democracy. He’s not. He never was. What he is, is a threat to the sniveling, prissy oligarchy which hides behind the fig leaf of “democracy” to mask its power lust.

And finally, there are those -- who we will not dignify by naming them – who have only one complaint about this incident, expressed best by two words which trended – in all caps – after the shooting: “YOU MISSED.” And to those people, we say, yes, he did, thank God, and so did you. You missed. You came for Trump and you missed. You came for America and you missed. You came for democracy itself, while disingenuously pretending to save it (as all communists do), and you missed. But we won’t. And come November, and its nearly inevitable result, everyone like you will be in the crosshairs, not of madmen who get lucky, but of a nation tired of being rotted from within. And we are quite sure that this time, because you missed, President Trump will not.
<![CDATA[World leaders express support for Donald Trump after failed assassination attempt]]> Multiple world leaders have publicly expressed their support and well-wishes following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump that left him with a bullet wound in his right ear.

The gunman, identified by the FBI as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, was killed after firing multiple rounds at Trump during his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Another individual in the crowd was killed, and two more were seriously injured.

Immediately after the news of the shooting broke, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on X, “Sara and I were shocked by the apparent attack on President Trump. We pray for his safety and speedy recovery.”

Argentinian President Javier Milei offered his “support and solidarity,” calling the incident a “COWARDLY assassination attempt that put his life and that of hundreds of people at risk.” He added, “The desperation of the international left is not surprising, as today it sees its harmful ideology expire, and is willing to destabilize democracies and promote violence to screw itself into power. In fear of losing at the polls, they resort to terrorism to impose their retrograde and authoritarian agenda. I hope for the speedy recovery of President Trump and that the elections in the United States are held fairly, peacefully and democratically.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “sickened” by the shooting. “It cannot be overstated — political violence is never acceptable. My thoughts are with former President Trump, those at the event, and all Americans.”

The new British Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, added that he was “appalled by the shocking scenes at President Trump’s rally” and sent the former president and his family “best wishes,” according to the AP.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Never should violence prevail. I am relieved to learn that Donald Trump is now safe and wish him a speedy recovery,” he said. “My condolences go out to the close ones of this attack’s victim, a rally attendee. I extend my wishes for strength to everyone who is horrified by this event. I wish America emerges stronger from this.”

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te also posted a response to the assassination attempt in a post on X: “My thoughts and prayers are with former US President Trump and I wish him a swift recovery. Political violence of any form is never acceptable in our democracies. I offer my sincere condolences to the victims affected by the attack.”

<![CDATA[Israel targets Hamas commander behind Oct 7 attack in Gaza airstrike]]> Israel conducted a significant airstrike in Gaza on Saturday, targeting the Hamas commander who is believed to be responsible for the deadly October 7 attack that resulted in 1,200 Israeli deaths and escalated the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) dropped five 2,000-pound bombs on a compound where Muhammad Deif, the commander of Hamas’s military wing, and Rafa’a Salameh, the commander of Hamas’s Khan Younis Brigade, were reportedly located. While the IDF has not officially confirmed whether Deif and Salameh were killed in the airstrike, some Israeli outlets have reported a "high likelihood" of Deif's death. However, confirmation by Israel is still pending. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also scheduled to hold a press conference in Jerusalem on Saturday night.

Deif, considered the second-in-command for Hamas in Gaza, behind Yahya Sinwar, has been a long-time target for Israel due to his role in numerous attacks and his reputation for being elusive. Israel previously placed a $100,000 bounty on him last December.

The strike occurred inside the al-Mawasi refugee camp, an Israeli-designated safe zone. Palestinians have been informed to leave the area due to ongoing fighting. The IDF acknowledged that the targeted compound was in a civilian area but stated it was not part of a camp for displaced Palestinians.

“The area that was struck is an open and forested area, with several buildings and sheds,” the Israeli military said. 

Hamas has denied that Deif was targeted in the strike and accused Israel of justifying "the extent of the horrific massacre." Hamas reported that at least 71 Palestinians were killed in the strike. However, Hamas’s casualty figures have often been criticized for being inflated and including terrorists counted as civilians. Hamas also has a history of placing high-value targets in densely populated areas to use civilians as human shields.

“Israel targeted October 7 mastermind Muhammed Deif, head of the Hamas military wing,” explained Eylon Levy, a former Israeli government spokesman, on X. “If he was hiding among civilians in a makeshift camp, that shows how determined Hamas is to use civilians as human shields and sacrifices.”

<![CDATA[Trans-identified male poisons wife, child amid divorce in Spain: report]]> Spain who recently declared he would be identifying as a woman has allegedly poisoned his wife and child as he and his wife undergo divorce proceedings, per Reduxx. A court subsequently placed a restraining order against the man while a police investigation takes place, the outlet reports.

Local media outlets revealed that after the couple chose to divorce, the wife began experiencing "severe and sudden-onset stomach pain." After seeing medical professionals she was told she was showing signs of chemical ingestion. The couple's 5-year-old son is currently being tested to verify if he was poisoned as well. It is unclear who first filed for divorce, however media outlets speculate the man's decision to identify as a woman was the motivating factor.

Police became involved and began investigating if the man deliberately poisoned his soon-to-be ex-wife and potentially their son. They theorized that the man mixed household pool care products in the woman's food and had a court issue a warrant into the couples home, where they currently still co-habitate. 

On Wednesday, a Dos Hermanas court that oversees cases concerning violence against women, heard statements from both the husband and the wife and subsequently issued a restraining order against the man. He must stay at least 300 meters away from the woman and cannot contact their son. 

Reduxx revealed that Spanish women's rights advocates have pointed out that if the man is prosecuted, he will be treated as a female by the courts if he identifies as such and may receive a lesser sentence. This also means that the case will be considered a woman-on-woman crime and the wife would be disqualified for certain legal resources Spain provides for crimes marked as "gender-based violence."

<![CDATA[MORGONN MCMICHAEL: Virginia Gov Glenn Youngkin bans cell phones in public schools]]> Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has issued an executive order banning cellphones in public schools. The order, signed on Tuesday, aims to create a “cellphone-free education” environment to address what Youngkin describes as an “alarming mental health crisis and chronic health conditions affecting adolescents.”

The order mandates Virginia’s Department of Education to develop new guidelines, which will take effect on January 1, 2025. “The necessity of implementing cellphone-free education in Virginia’s K-12 public schools is increasingly evident,” Youngkin stated in his order.

“Parents, public health professionals, educators, and other stakeholders across the Commonwealth are expressing concern over the alarming mental health crisis and chronic health conditions affecting adolescents, such as depression and anxiety, driven in part by extensive social media usage and widespread cell phone possession among children,” he explained.

Youngkin emphasized that a cellphone-free education would significantly reduce the time students spend on their phones without parental supervision. He noted that children spend an average of five hours a day on social media, and research shows that adolescents who spend over three hours a day on social media are at a higher risk of poor mental health.

“Most alarming is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data from 2019-2021, reporting that the rate of suicide has increased 167% since 2010 for girls and 91% since 2010 for boys,” he said, citing a “spike in depression of 161% and 145%, respectively.”

Youngkin also criticized the inconsistent enforcement of cellphone use policies in schools, stating, “up to now, public schools have often left these decisions and consequences” regarding cellphone use “to individual teachers, resulting in a variety of expectations and enforcement, all too often leading to students frequently checking their devices, scrolling through social media, and sending direct messages.”

The executive order suggests creating cellphone-free school environments by requiring students to place their phones in “lockers” or pouches that would be restricted during school hours.

Richmond Superintendent Jason Kamras praised the initiative, noting that a pilot cellphone ban in some high schools and middle schools led to more student engagement and fewer distractions. “On top of that, students reported spending more time talking with their peers,” Kamras told The Associated Press.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

<![CDATA[Met police launch manhunt for Colombian national after human remains found in suitcases in Bristol]]> The Metropolitan Police in London have announced the discovery of human remains in two suitcases near the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Authorities have begun a manhunt for a suspect believed to have traveled from London to Bristol on the same day. 

Police responded to a call just before midnight on Wednesday after reports of a man “acting suspiciously.” When officers arrived at the scene less than ten minutes later, the man had already fled, leaving a suitcase behind. A second suitcase was subsequently found in a flat on Scotts Road, both containing human remains. 

An image of the suspect, who fled the scene after being confronted by the public, has been released by the police. The suspect, identified as Yostin Andres Mosquera, is a 24-year-old Colombian national. A crime scene has since been established and the suspect is no longer believed to be in Bristol. Post-mortem examinations are being carried out, with one proving to be "inconclusive," according to the police. The victims have yet to be identified, as reported by The Telegraph. However, both victims are believed to have been known to Mosquera. 

“Over the last 48 hours, we have been working extremely closely with colleagues from Avon and Somerset. This work leads us to believe the man we need to speak to traveled to Bristol from London earlier on Wednesday evening (10 July),” said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Andy Valentine, who is leading the investigation. 

“We are drawing on resources from across the Met to find and apprehend the suspect and I would urge anyone who believes they see him, or who knows of his whereabouts, to call 999 straight away. Do not approach him,” he added. “We recognize this has caused significant concern to residents in the Clifton area and will cause concern among those who live and work in West London."

<![CDATA[JACK POSOBIEC and ALLEGIANCE GOLD COO: ‘The rise of BRICS is leading to less utilization of the dollar’]]> Human Events Daily during which the pair discussed what effect the BRICS alliance, consisting primarily of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, could have on the US dollar.

"The rise of bricks is leading to less utilization of the dollar," Eian explained, adding that though the dollar remains the world reserve currency, the less it is utilized around the globe leading to less dependency and confidence in the dollar.

BRICS has been "also recruiting Middle East members where they can start bypassing the petrol dollar," he stated. Last year the alliance expanded by accepting Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and the UAE.

"Now it's one thing to have four members, five members, and it's another thing to start bringing in other members. So, these little-by-little movements, when we look back, we're going to realize that this is what triggered for the world to realize that we're not we don't need to be just exclusively dependent on the US dollar, and as a result, a weaker dollar leads to a higher valuation," Eian said.

He went on to explain that "ever since that the dollar was no longer backed by gold, since 1971" the US had an agreement with Saudi Arabia to support their military and defense efforts "on one condition that all trades were supposed to be denominated by the dollar." There have been recent rumors in the media that Saudi Arabia would not be renewing this agreement after 50 years, however there was no confirmation or official statement on that.

"But what we want to look at is these early signals, like in December of 2023 you had the United Arab Emirates basically starting to say, I want to break away from the dollar, and I'm going to start accepting currencies that are not the dollar," Eian said. "So, all of a sudden, the Chinese started having their own trade agreements with that. Now Saudi Arabia is paying attention to this at the end of the day. They care about their defense, but the way they generate the revenue for that nation is ... by selling oil."

He said that "they just need to be able to sell it to any buying member, and when you have more and more confidence in non-dollar-based currencies, there comes a point where they have to utilize that, because that's majority what their economy is based on."

Watch the full episode below.


<![CDATA[MORGONN MCMICHAEL: Gen Z relying on parents, family for money in Biden’s economy: poll]]> A significant number of Gen Z adults find themselves reliant on financial assistance from parents and family members amidst rising living costs and inflationary pressures

According to a Bank of America report surveying individuals aged 18 to 27, 46 percent of respondents stated they depend on family financial support. Half of the respondents also expressed concern about their inability to purchase a home within the next five years.

Additionally, 46 percent admitted they felt unprepared to save for retirement, with only 15 percent of Gen Z saying they put a set percentage of their paycheck into a savings account. 40 percent of respondents expressed they were not ready to start investing within the same timeframe. 

“Gen Zs are coming out and becoming independent, so I think if I were to want to see progress in a category, that would be… Gen Z becoming more independent from family and friends.” Holly O’Neill, Bank of America’s president of retail banking, told reporters. “Maybe I’m biased because I have three Gen Zs I’m trying to make independent, but I think that’s a marker that they’re setting a budget and they’re living up to that budget, so that’s an area I’d like to see some progress on.”

However, the survey also revealed that 57 percent of Gen Z respondents lacked sufficient emergency savings to cover three months of expenses if they were to lose their income. Nearly 67 percent reported making lifestyle adjustments due to increased living expenses, including reducing dining out, limiting social activities, and opting to shop at less expensive grocery stores.

“Though faced with obstacles driven by the cost of living, younger Americans are showing discipline and foresight in their saving and spending patterns,” said O’Neil. “It is critical that we continue to empower Gen Z to work toward achieving financial health and meeting their long-term goals.”

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.