REVEALED: Newly elected French MP is Antifa member, classified as dangerous by secret service: report

A newly elected member of France's parliament was revealed to be a member of Antifa, who is classified by the secret service as a dangerous person. Raphael Arnault was elected MP as a part of the far-left New Popular Front party and is also the spokesperson for the Antifa extremist group Jeune Garde, translated to "Young Guard." It became known that he had an "S-file," meaning he is on France's national security watchlist, after his alleged state records were leaked.

According to Breitbart, "the list typically catalogues people who pose a threat to the safety of the state such as terrorists," as well as violent protesters and members of extremist political groups. However because the S-file, which is typically only seen by law enforcement, is not a criminal conviction, there are no legal restrictions on Arnault entering parliament, the outlet states.

Eight members of the "Young Guard" were just indicted over conducting a violent attack on a 15-year-old Jewish boy in Paris on May 27, however, during which they allegedly beat him and forced him to chant "Long Live Palestine." The assault was filmed, uploaded to Instagram, then deleted.

Arnoult himself has been questioned by French police for defending terrorism after he reportedly described Hamas as a "resistance" movement. The MP has also been accused of another "violent attack" on a right-wing activist who stated he and another Young Guard member beat him with a helmet.

Image: Title: renoult