JACK POSOBIEC at NatCon: 'When you have principles but no power you are delusional'

During an appearance at the National Conservatism conference in Washington DC, Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec told the audience that conservatives have focused on principle too much without also focusing on power in politics. Posobiec made the comments during his speech: “This Year We Can Save Western Civilization.”

"For too long, conservatives have cared only about principles but not about power," Posobiec said. "When you have power but no principles, you are a tyrant. When you have principles but no power you are delusional."

"I am not talking about using power arbitrarily. I am talking about due justice. I am talking about exact reciprocity," he added in the speech. Posobiec went on to say that "if they are going to hold J6 investigations to target patriots, we will hold investigations to identify the Neo-Marxists in positions of power across Washington."

Posobiec also spoke about what Republicans can do ahead of the November election to ensure that Donald Trump is elected over Joe Biden for the presidency. "If Steve Bannon can walk into the gulag courageously as a symbol to us all, then you can have the courage to send a text to your contacts list about voting in 2024. We don't have time for games."

Posobiec emphasized that the election was not in the bag by any means, even though Biden has dropped in the polls since his debate performance. "This election is by no means in the bag. I've seen the headlines — but no. Trump's polls —sure they look strong right now — but polls are not ballots. I will not be resting until about, I don't know, 3 am on election night.”

"Are you getting involved?" Posobiec asked to the crowd. "Are you registering votes in swing states?" Posobiec said that in the upcoming election, Republicans are still not guaranteed a win in November.

Posobiec also brought up the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, a bill that, if passed, would require Americans to show proof of citizenship in order to vote in elections. He admonished House Speaker Mike Johnson directly, saying, "I want to say something here very directly to Speaker Johnson and the House GOP. The Safe Act must be passed to prevent illegal immigrants from having any role in federal elections."

According to the National Conservatism website, the conference “brings together public figures, journalists, scholars, and students who understand that the past and future of conservatism are inextricably tied to the idea of the nation, to the principle of national independence, and to the revival of the unique tradition that alone have the power to bind a people together and bring about their flourishing."

Other speakers that were featured during the conference from July 8-10 included Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, and former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

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