US resumes delivering aid to Gaza pier despite there being no one to distribute it

The United States military, with the assistance of Israeli engineers, re-anchored the humanitarian aid pier off Gaza on Wednesday, the Pentagon confirmed. The pier was detached for a second time last week due to severe weather conditions.

However, there are no organizations in place to distribute the stockpiling aid, per the Jerusalem Post.

"The temporary pier had been relocated to avoid forecasted high seas and to ensure the structural integrity of the pier and safety of our service members. At no time during this event did US troops enter Gaza," US CENTCOM wrote on X.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters on Thursday that the transfer of humanitarian assistance from Cyprus, Egypt to the marshaling yard in Gaza resumed overnight, delivering more than 1.4 million pounds of aid. However, Ryder could not confirm if the humanitarian assistance delivered through the pier made it past the marshaling yard on the shore.

The Pentagon official directed reporters to reach out to USAID and the World Food Programme for questions relating to aid distribution.

Despite the Pentagon's announcement that 9.1 million pounds of humanitarian aid have been delivered through the pier to the marshaling area since its inception, humanitarian organizations delivering the aid have struggled to get it to its final destination.

Last month, 569 metric tons of humanitarian aid was stolen by looters after it had passed through the US-built floating pier into the wartorn Gazan mainland. Several trucks transporting aid were hijacked and none of the assistance reached the intended targets.

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