ROD THOMSON: The media is trying to suppress proof of Biden's dementia

In a sense, you can’t blame Democrats and their propaganda arm in the establishment media for continuing to run the plays that keep working. In football, if the defense cannot stop the run, the offense continues running the ball until the defense proves they can stop it. Why risk a pass when you keep winning with the run?

But in the case of Joe Biden’s rapidly deteriorating mind, just as when Planned Parenthood was caught with its claws in the baby party’s jars, it is also utterly loathsome.

Everyone — everyone — sees that Joe’s age decline is rapidly speeding up. Not a single day goes by when he doesn’t slur his speech in prepared remarks, wander away in Normandy requiring the Italian Prime Minister to redirect back to the group of G7 world leaders, freeze up like a statue of Mitch McConnell while everyone around him is dancing, or require the aid of former President Obama to guide him off the stage as he seems enthralled, or bewildered, by all the pretty lights and clapping but it's time to get back to the nursing home.

It’s tragic. It’s embarrassing. And it’s terrifying he is the “leader” of the most powerful nation on earth.

However, every bit as despicable is that the media is beginning nuclear-level gaslighting to say that what we are all seeing, we are not really seeing. Just like the Planned Parenthood videos where every hour was loaded online for people to see, and the viral clips were several minutes long, the abortion industry leader stated that they were “deceptively edited” and out of context. A contemptible lie, but of course one the media immediately parroted like the dutiful stooges they are.

And so we have MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, one of hundreds of reliable statist-Democratic mouthpieces cosplaying as journalists, saying: “There’s a growing & insidious trend in right-wing media to take highly misleading & selectively edited videos of President Biden and use those videos to spread messages virally to cast doubt on President Biden’s fitness for office.”

She literally used the exact same phrase, “selectively edited videos,” as was used to disinform about Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts for profit. And “growing and insidious” and “cheap fakes.” Worth noting, she backs up none of these claims. The first to make them was Biden’s own spokesman, who used the term “deep fakes.” Remember how the media hot-keys in “with no evidence” when Trump says something they disagree with? Yeah, that’s called projection. In no time, other media outlets began parroting that this was all a dangerous right-wing campaign to smear the president and affect the election.

The level of chutzpah is just breathtaking. They really think they can get away with anything. And of course, they may be right, because so far, the run has not been stopped. So the Hill jumped in with their just embarrassing Democrat operative level parroting of the White House talking points.

“White House officials are aggressively pushing back against a wave of “cheap fake” videos that purportedly show President Biden being confused or meandering, and which question his mental and physical fitness ahead of the election.”

“Purportedly.” Don’t believe your lying eyes.

They opening admit these right-wing attackers are not using AI. Therefore, the Hill pivots to the Democrat-White House-Planned Parenthood playbook: “The rise of the videos, which do not use artificial intelligence (AI) but are cropped or edited in a way that is misleading, marks the latest instance of how technology may be used deceptively during the 2024 campaign. The use of “cheap fakes” burst into the national spotlight in recent days thanks to a trio of clips involving Biden that quickly went viral and painted him as confused or unaware of his surroundings.”

“Painted him.” Don’t believe your lying eyes.

It’s instructive that, as the Hill reports, without evidence, these are out of context, selectively edited, tightly cropped versions that become “cheap fakes,” The “journalism” outfit doesn’t actually show the videos. Instead they unquestioningly quote the White House and Barack Obama spinners. The particularly aggressive gaslighting is on the fundraiser where Obama is clearly leading a confused, elderly Joe Biden off stage. To which an Obama operative posts online “This did not happen.” And the Hill dutifully regurgitated that what obviously happened, we all saw happen, actually did not happen. But did not show the video.

While all of this is horrible enough, it is pretty easy to see where it goes. Because again, we’ve been here before. If Biden survives long enough to actually be the guy on the ballot in November, the media and leftist establishment wormed into every institution will have radiated gaslighting so effectively, their allies in all of social media, minus X, will begin suppressing or deleting videos of Biden’s daily dementia moments. “Cheap fakes” will be tagged and no one will see them.

They did it with Covid. They did it with Hunter Biden’s laptop. Of course they will do it with fake “disinformation” that will be called election interference in videos of Biden being old and mentally compromised. Right now, the Murdoch family has been identified as the bogeyman because both Fox News and the New York Post have been doing stories on the Joe Biden that everyone can see. What used to be called news.

But we’re really only five minutes away from this all being a “classic” Russian disinformation campaign to elect Donald Trump, at which time Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google will shift into high gear to block, demonetize and hide the truth. It will be allowed on X. Because they are morally repugnant, they will do this until it doesn’t work.

Rod Thomson is a former daily newspaper reporter and columnist, Salem radio host and ABC TV commentator, and current Founder of The Thomson Group, a Florida-based political consulting firm. He has eight children and seven grandchildren and a rapacious hunger to fight for America for them. Follow him on Twitter at @Rod_Thomson. Email him at [email protected].

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