EXCLUSIVE: Russia is the Neocons' 'last chance to get us in a permanent state of war' to protect their investments

Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer joined Jack Posobiec on Monday's episode of Human Events Daily during which they discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin's latest move to send warships and nuclear submarines to Cuba to conduct military exercises. 

Posobiec pointed out that he thinks "Neocons" believe that "this shows America needs to be stronger" but that it's really "reciprocity for what's going on in Ukraine" and "they're responding to the fact that America is allowing strikes on the Russian homeland."

Shaffer said that this was "correct," adding "I think we need to understand the context for the Neocons' belligerence and aggression."

He explained that they feel "ignored" and that "the investments they've made over Covid and everything else are being lost because of populism. Populism does not want or need to have overseas conflict. Trump proved that. We can have an amazing economy ... So this is essentially their last chance, the neocons, last chance to get us into some sort of a permanent state of war."

Shaffer continued: "Trump's philosophy was to end wars, these guys want to keep going. And there's profit and control."

He called the Neocons essentially "Marxists" or "Trotskyites" and noted that Biden is the "perfect dupe" to "goad Russia back into the Cold War." He also said that this plan seems like it has been working for the most part, as NATO has also allowed Ukraine to use its weapons to strike Russian territories. Putin, he said, has been very "measured" in his response to such moves, hence the decision to send a Russian fleet to Cuba as a warning specifically for the US.

"If you continue to persist to do things that will essentially escalate conditions to a full-scale war, we know where you live, literally, we know where you live, Joe Biden, and bad things could happen," Shaffer theorized Putin's message to be.

While Putin has been "speaking the language of the Cold War," Biden has been "talking in baby language," he said.

Watch the full episode below.

Image: Title: Poso Shaffer


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