JACK POSOBIEC: The Biden campaign brought an 'over the hill actor named Robert De Niro' to send the Trump jurors a message

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec donned a pink hat that read "WHITE BOY SUMMER" and bright green sunglasses. He declared that the Biden campaign is at an all-time low after it hosted Robert De Niro, an "over-the-hill Hollywood actor" and two "crisis actors from January 6" to speak at its latest event.

The event notably took place right outside the courthouse where DA Alvin Bragg’s falsified business records trial against Donald Trump was finishing up. The 2 people from January 6 were former Capitol police officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone.

Posobiec stated that the event was organized this way to "tamper with the jury. This trial has gotten so bad that they've sent out the Hollywood actors and the crisis actors down there with Donald Trump, and I'll tell you what they're doing right now. This is textbook jury tampering."

He continued: "Everyone inside that courthouse is talking about that press conference the same way everyone outside did. They're putting their crooked and decrepit thumb on the scales of justice."

He noted that the Biden campaign was most likely trying to send a message to the jurors inside that "It doesn't matter if Michael Cohen's a liar, doesn't matter if Alvin Bragg didn't provide any evidence, it doesn't matter if they never explained what the final actual underlying crime was."

They are trying to tell the jurors, Posobiec said, that "Donald Trump is a threat to our system, Donald Trump is a threat to the oligarchy, Donald Trump is a threat to everything that we've built, and so therefore, you got to find him guilty."

"The Biden campaign just gave their own closing argument, and who did they bring out to do it?" he said, "A failing and faded completely over-the-hill actor named Robert De Niro and a couple of crisis actors from January 6, one who just lost his congressional campaign in Maryland ... and the second one who's got a Hollywood paid gig."

Posobiec concluded, "Let me tell you something right now. It's going to be a hot summer, get your shades on, get your hats on, because all I can see from here on out is that the future is going to be bright."

Watch the full episode below.


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