Gaza activists set fires outside Israeli embassy in Mexico City, 6 cops injured: report

Six police officers were reportedly injured in a fiery clash with Gaza agitators outside of the Israeli embassy in Mexico City on Tuesday. Around 200 protesters had gathered for an "Urgent Action for Rafah" demonstration which devolved into violence and chaos after 30 rioters began to break down barriers surrounding the embassy, per The Times of Israel.

AFP journalists were the first to report on the incident, stating, that the "protesters covered their faces and threw stones at riot police who blocked their path to the diplomatic complex in the city's Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood."

Police responded by throwing the stones back at the rioters and deploying tear gas. The AFP footage showed agitators striking the shields of police officers with objects and running and kicking them.

Reports are unclear on whether a fire reached the embassy itself or if it was contained outside the perimeter, however video footage from a local news source shows a fiery blaze intermixed with the violence. AP News reported that 6 officers were injured in the incident.

The protest was organized in response to the Israeli strike on a camp just outside Rafah, which sparked an explosion and fire that killed 45 people, according to Palestinian officials.

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