Tunisian teen kills woman he picked up for sex in German bar after she laughed at his failure to launch: report

A 17-year-old Tunisian boy is in custody after allegedly murdering a woman he met at a bar in Frankfurt, Germany after she laughed at him during sex. The victim, Blanca C., was 28 years old.

The suspected killer, Mohamed Ali S., also allegedly filmed part of the beating on his phone. If found guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison under Germany's juvenile criminal law. 

According to Bild.de, the incident took place on the night of October 3, 2023. That evening, Mohamed and Blanca met at a bar, where they proceeded to drink and consume drugs together. 

Eventually, the pair left the bar to, as prosecutor Constanze Jung explained, "go to her flat and ... have consensual sex." Upon arrival, however, Mohamed was reportedly unable to maintain an erection. 

Blanca was said to have laughed at him, at which point he flew into a rage and began attacking her. According to Jung, he allegedly "hit her, choked her, and throttled her" until she was no longer breathing.

During part of the violent beating, he allegedly pulled out his phone and started recording her body, declaring, "I killed her."

Before long, a neighbor called police and officers arrived on scene. Blanca was pronounced dead, and the search for Mohamed, who had fled, began. He was eventually tracked down at his parents' house 9km away in the northern neighbourhood of Bonames, and taken into custody. His trial at the Frankfurt District Court is underway.

Blanca's mother, who lived right next door to her daughter, posted on Facebook lamenting the senseless killing. "My love, my happiness, my joy, my everything has gone to teh Garden of Eden," she wrote, per the Daily Mail.

Image: Title: Polizei