'We need Trump to come back and save us!': Human Events Daily live from Bronx rally

Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily featured a live reporting from the Trump rally that took place in The Bronx in New York City where enthused attendees declared Trump is the only solution to save the United States going into the 2024 election.

David Zere of Real America's Voice reported on the grounds to host Jack Posobiec, who stated that the Bronx is "a place where Donald Trump is not supposed to have support" or people rallying for him "like this." At the time the show aired, Trump was 4 hours out from officially speaking, yet the rally was already packed with supporters donning Make America Great Again attire.

One supporter voiced her desire to bring manufacturing back to the States and make the country safe again as her reasoning for supporting the president. Another streamer who hails from East Harlem said that at 109th Street he gets "gunshots on my street on a weekly basis," an area that had previously not been considered dangerous. He noted that veterans, renters, and owners in New York City would benefit from a second Trump presidency.

"Trump, the number 1 president, we love you, we need you, come save us," cried another supporter from Hawthorne, New Jersey. "Save us from the crime, save us from the criminals."

She continued: "My parents live in Queens and it's terrible over there. They can't leave their house at night. They worked all their lives and have to be scared to leave their homes."

Zere explained that the rally was taking place less than a mile from where a horrific crime, caught on video, took place. A woman was strangled from behind with a belt and dragged behind a car, unconscious, as she was walking the streets alone at night.

"Crime is up in this 42nd precinct here near Cratona Park in the South Bronx 42 percent. Felony assaults are up here 30 percent. Burglary is up 40 percent just since the new year. We've got all kinds of crimes up in this area, and what are the Democrats doing about it? Add to that the influx of illegals here, people in the Bronx are fed up," Zere said.

He said that everyone he had spoken to up to that point had the same message: "100 years of Democrat rule in the Bronx has led to misery."

Watch the full show below.


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