EXCLUSIVE: Erik Prince predicts an internal power struggle breaking out in Iran

On Monday's episode of Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec, Former Navy Seal and founder of Blackwater Erik Prince predicted a power struggle would break out internally in Iran after Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Posobiec asked Prince if Iran would go into a period of inactivity or if they would attempt to "make it look like business as usual and perhaps get more aggressive in the near term.

"I would say worse than that," Prince responded. "There'll be people posturing for credibility and street cred amongst themselves, the 'who's going to be the most aggressive, who is going to carry on, really almost, the legacy of Qasem Soleimani and the rest of the really bad actors that ran the power structure in Iran'."

He explained that really only the Supreme Leader and the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps "call the shots," despite there being a governing Guardian Council. Raisi was on track to assume the role of Supreme Leader.

Prince compared the power structure to that of Nazi Reich, saying, "you see amazing similarities between those two, equally hated by the rank and file people of the country ... the Iranian regime is exceedingly unpopular with its own people."

"The death of the Supreme Leader has always been a time for internal power struggles within Iran. Do you think there's another Soleimani or Soleimani-type on the horizon there?" Posobiec asked. Posobiec later explained that the death of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is imminent because of old age and poor health.

"Well, remember that the IRGC head of all their operations in Lebanon was just clipped within the last two weeks by the Israelis, which led to that exchange of missiles into each other's countries. So apparently, the Israelis felt strongly enough about that target risk," Prince responded. 

Watch the full episode below.

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