DAVID MARCUS: Feckless Joe Biden has caved to the campus commies

Over the past week or so the campus encampments across the country have been mostly shut down, but make no mistake, owing to the feckless cowardice of President Joe Biden, the protesters have won.

In a disgraceful two-step, Biden promised on Wednesday, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less, that America’s commitment to Israel is “ironclad,” then on Thursday, in a shocking betrayal he said he will deny the Jewish state the weapons it needs to wipe out Hamas, despite congressional approval.

The campus pro-Hamasnicks can now take a victory lap, the President of the United States has caved to them and to his anti-Israel far left in vital states like Michigan— meanwhile, somewhere in a tunnel in Gaza the terrorists are cheering, perhaps in earshot of terrified hostages.

Let’s be clear, this move to deny our ally the weapons it was promised cripples Israeli negotiating leverage, will almost certainly extend the war and lead to vastly more loss of civilian life as Israel uses older, “dumber” bombs.

None of that matters to Joe Biden, all that matters to him is being reelected.

Donald Trump, the man trying to oust the sitting president sees this clearly, posting on social media, “Crooked Joe is taking the side of these terrorists just like he has sided with the Radical Mobs taking over our country because his donors are funding them.”

Where is the lie?

Speaking of Trump, we are all old enough to remember when he was impeached by Democrats for threatening approved military aid to our ally Ukraine, supposedly for his own political gain, how on earth are Biden’s actions here any different?

Are we supposed to believe it is just a coincidence that at a time when Biden is bleeding young voters like a fatted calf he rewards the most radical among them for occupying campuses, breaking into buildings and occasioning a Red Sea of virulent anti Semitism?

The message has been sent with crystal clarity, chase Jewish students around campus, put up signs calling for the eradication of Israel, invite professional agitators to brainwash our kids, and Democrats led by Joe Biden will stab our closest Mid East ally in the back.

Joe Biden might get a sugar high bump in the polls for this shameless betrayal, but he is also opening a Pandora’s box of chaos, and not just on college campuses.

Giving in to these pro terrorist bullies just this once will not quiet them, it will embolden them. Bullies never stop until they are punched in the nose, something Grandpa Joe is incapable of doing.

What do Democrats expect will happen at their convention in Chicago now that they have signaled the more destructive and bigoted a protest movement is, the more it sets the agenda?

They might as well hand out Biden-Harris branded matches and gasoline.

And even politically this display of weakness in the face of international terrorism may not be the cure all that the Democrats hope it will be, after all, 80 percent of Americans support Israel in its war on terror.

This is the same Joe Biden who says he wants to appeal to Nikki Haley voters. Nikki Haley Voters! He wants to appeal to Nikki “The Hawk” Haley voters by turning America’s back on Israel? He might as well try to convince them to root for Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

But surely he is winning over the support of the keffiyeh wearing masses in their tents, no? No. These people still chant “Genocide Joe,” whenever he deigns to show up in public. 

Throughout his whole presidency Joe Biden has been doddering and dumbfounding, today it is clearer than ever that he is also dangerous.

America’s enemies in Iran, Russia, and China are licking their lips at the prospect of another four years of Biden, another four years of America’s power in the world evaporating, another four years of deranged college kids setting our foreign policy.

There are two pieces of good and important news in this mess. First, Israel will continue its fight to eradicate Hamas with or without Joe Biden’s support, and two, the American people have a chance in November to replace a Commander in Chief who has weakened our great nation at every possible turn.

It is an existential choice not just for Israel, but for America.

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