JACK POSOBIEC and RICHARD BARIS: Republicans are the 'voters sitting out elections'

Human Events Daily host Jack Posbiec was joined by Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, to delve into the polling numbers leading up to the upcoming election. 

Baris emphasized the importance of mobilizing Republican voters, noting a shift in demographics where the GOP must actively engage with the average American, unlike Democrats who often appeal to more educated and elitist demographics.

Baris stressed that the need for Republicans to energize and mobilize their base is more important in this upcoming election than prior ones, explaining that the voters tending to sit out of elections lean Republican.

“The vote that is on the table that needs to be gotten, needs to be harvested… is a Republican vote. In my lifetime that has never been the case,” Baris explained.

“The profiles of voters that are sitting out elections… are Republican voters,” he continued.

He dismissed the notion that Democrats can indefinitely inflate ballot numbers, emphasizing that there is a finite number of Democratic voters. According to Baris, the key for Republicans is to focus on voter outreach and ensuring their constituents turn out to vote.

“People have this fallacy in their mind that Democrats can just somehow keep stuffing ballots through the box,” Baris said. “There is a finite number of them. Go out and do your job, get those people to vote, get them recorded, get them to the polls… and there isn’t enough to stop them… they have the numbers, they’re there.”

Posobiec echoed Baris's sentiments, cautioning against fixating on specific issues while overlooking the importance of quantity in elections. Posobiec highlighted that it is not the quality of the votes that matter, “it is the quantity.”

Posobiec and Baris went on to criticize the change in the election process in 2020 that broadened voting to include mail-in ballots. Looking forward to the next election, the pair emphasized the need for Republicans to vote as early as they can and ensure that their votes are counted and to counteract the tactics employed by the Democratic Party.

Watch the full episode below.

Image: Title: Poso Baris


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