EXCLUSIVE: Mike Davis says Democrat Judge Juan Merchan must recuse himself from Trump trial

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec invited Mike Davis on the show. Davis has predicted that the judge overseeing Donald Trump's New York trial would put the former President behind bars no matter what it took and has long stated that the judge needs to lawfully recuse from the case.

After prosecutor Alvin Bragg's office accused Trump of violating a gag order over social media posts, Merchan warned Trump's defense team that they were "losing credibility of the court."

Davis reminded the audience that Judge Merchan is a staunch Democrat who donated to Biden in 2020 and whose daughter "has raised $100 million off of her father's unprecedented criminal trial of a former and likely future president.

"He should recuse from this case," Davis said. "It's required under New York statutes that he should recuse. And that's just that's not just me saying this."

In fact, a former federal judge under the Clinton administration stated this to CNN on April 5 because Merchan's daughter "has a financial stake" in the case.

Moreso, as Davis pointed out, Merchan "illegally" and "unconstitutionally" gagged a criminal defendant from talking about a case.

"President Trump can't talk about the clear judicial bias of Juan Merchan who should recuse from this case because of his daughter's financial stake," Davis stated.

"These are reversible. That is a reversible error that's going to get this case reversed on appeal even up to the Supreme Court."

However, he continued, "The Democrats running this lawfare don't care. Their entire point is to get a felony conviction of Trump before November 5, 2024. Because they see the polling, they see that Trump is beating Biden like a drum and the only way they think they can resurrect Biden's dead political body is by this felony conviction of Trump."

Watch the full episode below.

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