JACK POSOBIEC and DARREN BEATTIE: Don't lose sight of how 'fundamentally stupid' the lawfare against Trump is

Jack Posobiec hosted Darren Beattie on Monday's episode of Human Events Daily, during which the pair called out the lawfare the left has waged against Donald Trump as "stupid."

Speaking specifically on the Stormy Daniels case, Beattie stated, "How many times can we remind ourselves how fundamentally stupid this whole procedure is? How fundamentally stupid these charges are?"

Not only that, but the allegations were not true and the prosecution did everything in their power to make the case as damaging for Trump as possible.

"But you know, I think, because we do this to death, we want to find, we want to get into the intricacies of the case," Beattie continued. "But we should never lose sight of the fact of how fundamentally stupid this is in the first place."

Beattie illustrated how the Biden regime has ramped up their lawfare efforts against Trump since witnessing his success in recent polls.

"The idea that they are tying up a front-runner for President, presumptive front runner ... and they're tying him up in this stupid kangaroo court process over something that nobody cares about," he's said, adding that the left itself doesn't really care about the charges they are bringing against him.

"They care about it because they hate Trump," he continued. "They don't care about it, because there's any objective sense that the underlying charges are meaningful or substantial. It's simply stupid."

"And the fact that this is going on in the country for such a high stakes election, in such a high stakes time, reflects the fact that our country has become stupid," he said. "It's an embarrassment to the whole country, that this is happening in the first place. And it's an embarrassment to us that we're in a position that we have to talk about it."

"We can't not talk about it, but it still somehow diminishes us even to talk about it. That's how dumb it is," Beattie concluded.

Watch the full episode below.


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