JACK POSOBIEC: 'You may not be interested in lawfare, but lawfare may be interested in you'

On Tuesday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec called out the left for its use of lawfare to take on political opposition as they see Donald Trump and Republicans nearing closer to winning the presidential election in November.

"You think the political process is where this plays out anymore? No. This plays out in the courtrooms," he said.

What peaked Posobiec's interest the most after he viewed the January 6 oral arguments at the Supreme Court Tuesday was that the Solicitor General for the Biden administration, Elizabeth Prelogar, was formerly on the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

He explained that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the original obstruction law, was written for the Enron case.

"What do all of these things have in common? Andrew Weissman," Posobiec stated, adding that Prelogar was part of his "clique."

"Why was this obstruction law written so broadly? I'll tell you why," he continued. "It was to empower the Department of Justice into a super prosecutorial body whereby in they knew that they were writing overbroad laws to be able to go after anyone they wanted to for anything they deemed necessary. It was about persecuting political opponents."

He reminded the audience that for decades the American people have been wondering why these laws were being written so broadly and giving the DOJ and prosecutors so much power.

"They've had these laws on the books because it gives the Department of Justice more power to go after anyone in an overbroad fashion," Posobiec stated. "It was a contingency plan that, just in case the people of this country got out of hand [and] decided that they want to go in a different direction than the uniparty regime, that they themselves would face prosecution."

"You need to pay attention folks, you may not be interested in lawfare, but lawfare is interested in you."

Watch the full episode below.

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