EXCLUSIVE: Mike Davis says Judge Merchan WILL put Donald Trump behind bars

On Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec hosted Mike Davis who was covering President Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York City, the "first criminal trial of a president in all of US history." Davis dropped a bombshell, saying that presiding Judge Juan Merchan will likely put Trump behind bars.

Davis said there is "no chance in hell that Trump's going to get a fair trial" due to Merchan's anti-Trump sentiments. His daughter is a "leading Democrat consultant" who has a "financial stake in this criminal prosecution."

The judge has refused to recuse himself and has also set forth a biased questionnaire for jury selection in the case," Davis said.

"There's no question that President Trump is going to be found guilty and convicted under these bogus charges," Davis said, noting that the rulings would most likely be appealed and reversed down the line but that it would not happen before election day in November which is "the whole point of this."

Additionally, Davis reported that the trial will likely last into June and Merchan has threatened to arrest Trump if he is not in court every single day of the trial, making no exceptions for his son Barron's high school graduation ceremony.

"Do you think do you think you could see President Trump behind bars as an element of this?" Posobiec asked.

"Yes, I do," Davis responded, adding that he could see Merchan and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg "trying to do this."

"They would have to literally clear out a wing of a jail to have enough protections in there for President Trump," he explained, due to Secret Service requirements. Secret Service goes wherever Trump goes, which would include to state prison.

He said that they are "trying to imprison Trump for the rest of his life."

"This is the most anti-democratic thing imaginable. These are republic ending tactics by Democrats."

Watch the full episode below.

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