Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay’s pub infiltrated by squatters

Squatters took over Gordon Ramsay's York and Albany hotel and pub in London, England, and he has been unsuccessful in having them removed. 

According to The Guardian, the group of at least six people moved into the property, boarded up the windows, and posted a legal notice that warned anyone from trying to evict them. 

The notice claimed that because the property was not a "residential building" squatting in it was not a criminal offense according to the law. It said, "Take notice that we occupy this property and at all times there is at least one person in occupation." 

"That any entry or attempt to enter into these premises without our permission is therefore a criminal offence as any one of us who is in physical possession is opposed to such entry without our permission," it added. "That if you attempt to enter by violence or by threatening violence we will prosecute you. You may receive a sentence of up to six months’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000." 

"That if you want to get us out you will have to issue a claim for possession in the county court or in the high court," the notice claimed. 

In a statement, police told the outlet, "Police were made aware of squatters at a disused property in Parkway, Regent’s Park, NW1 on Wednesday 10 April." It added, "This is a civil matter and so police did not attend the property.” 

According to The Sun, Ramsay was in the process of handing over the property to a new lease owner, and a source said the situation was "an absolute nightmare scenario for poor Gordon." 

"The pub was temporarily closed whilst he was finalizing a new lease, and during this handover period a gang of professional squatters somehow bypassed all the security and CCTV, and got themselves in," the source added. "They’ve now boarded themselves in the building and are slowly taking over the place, leaving their crap everywhere and brazenly telling locals this is now their home." 

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