Trans-identified male nurse gets 20 years for murdering paralyzed patient in Austria

A transgender nurse has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after admitting to murdering a paralyzed 82-year-old patient in Austria last year.

The killer, a 24-year-old biological male from Slovakia who identifies as a woman and goes by "Paul," was referred to as a female during the court proceedings. 

According to Reduxx, Paul is still legally a male, and as such, has been placed in the men's jail. If Paul is able to change the gender marking on his official documents with the recommendation of a psychologist, however, Paul could eventually be housed alongside biological women.

During the trial, psychiatric expert Adelheid Kastner recommended that Paul be admitted to a forensic-psychiatric center, arguing that Paul was extremely likely to reoffend.

His statements, among others, convinced the jury to hand down a unanimous verdict declaring Paul guilty. He was sentenced on March 26.

As Reduxx reports, the incident took place on October 5 in Geretsberg, Austria, a small town about 40km north of Salzburg near the German border.

At the time, Paul had been providing on-call care for the elderly victim in his home. That day, he allegedly made some jokes about Paul's gender identity, at which point Paul flew into a rage and began attacking him.

Paul allegedly stabbed him eleven times in his face, head, upper body, and abdomen with a set of knives retrieved from the kitchen. After realizing that the man was dead, Paul called his stepdaughter, who promptly informed police of what had transpired.

Paul was arrested a short time later, but after law enforcement noticed "massive psychological abnormalities," Paul was brought to Kepler University Hospital's psychiatric unit for analysis.

While some originally thought Paul had been on drugs at the time, that theory was proven incorrect, as was the belief that Paul was suffering from severe mental illness.

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