CHARLIE KIRK: The real 'threat to democracy?' Joe Biden himself

For months now, the left has been in a state of panic over Joe Biden’s clear and obvious decline. Even diehard Biden supporters have fretted that the incumbent has no real plan to win, or that he’s so far-gone that he doesn’t even realize he’s losing. Many Democrats have murmured about pressuring Biden to drop out.

But despite all the worrying, those Democrats are wrong. I have to be the bearer of bad news: Joe Biden does have an election strategy. But it’s a bit different from election strategy as ordinarily understood. It’s not a plan to win vote. Instead, it’s a strategy to compromise elections by buying votes, weaponizing the federal government, stuffing ballot boxes, and rigging the legal system against his opponents. Biden’s plan is to use all the hallmarks of a Third World regime to prop up his increasingly Third World government.

Let’s start with the vote buying. Knowing that he is rapidly sinking with young voters, particularly the kind of mush-skulled activists who found groups like “Queers for Palestine,” Biden has deduced that he can buy their love back. On Monday, Biden released a new student loan debt forgiveness proposal which could impact as many as 30 million borrowers to the tune of $20,000/person. That’s a lot of money and a lot of votes. The forgiveness hurts all those who have been responsible about their education choices and their spending; it loots their tax dollars to send them to the less responsible. But Biden knows those less responsible voters are the ones he can buy the votes of, so he’s happy to do it.

But even if Biden were to make all those young people like him better, he still needs someone to get them to the polls. Once more, he is using your taxpayer money to do it. In 2021, Biden released an executive order directing 600 federal agencies to “expand access to, and education about, voter registration and election information, and to combat misinformation, in order to enable all eligible Americans to participate in our democracy.” Translation: He is deputizing 600 federal agencies to act as PR and GOTV campaign arms for the Democrat Party, and once again, it’s your tax money floating the cost.

And make no mistake, the plan is entirely for those agencies to break the law. How do I know? Because at every turn, the Biden administration is also going out of its way to oppose voter ID and signature verification measures, calling both of them “Jim Crow 2.0.” The real reason Biden doesn’t want laws on the books which will check if voters are actually eligible to vote is because his government is also refusing to enforce our laws against illegal immigration, calling it “humane immigration policy.” Humanity is the furthest thing from his administration’s mind, though. The plan is to admit as many migrants as possible, knowing that some of them will be caught up in the Get Out the Vote surge. By making it impossible to even detect fraud, Biden will be able to repeat the lie that fraud “never happens.” And if fraud is able to deliver him millions of votes, he also knows the scale of the fraud will be so great that even if it is caught, untangling it or punishing it will be impossible.

The president takes an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. By undermining the very basis of America’s elections – the exclusive right of citizens to vote – Biden is ripping the Constitution to tissue paper.

At the same time that he’s throwing open the doors for lawbreakers to cast ballots, Biden is also using the law itself as a weapon to attack his enemies. I can set aside the four unprecedented criminal indictments lodged against Donald Trump, for crimes that no politician in American history has ever been prosecuted for. You’ve heard plenty about those cases. What you may not know is that it’s not just Trump they’re persecuting; it’s everyone.

Look at poor Robert F. KennedyJ r. Look, I’ll admit, I don’t agree with RFK. He’s liberal on far too many issues and his running mate is a bored liberal Big Tech divorcee. But whatever I think, he’s got the right to run for office and see if there’s a market for his ticket. That is exactly what Biden is afraid of: that the younger and more honestly liberal RFK might cut into his vote share. As a result, Democrats have started waging an all-out war not just to bloody up RFK among voters, but rather to block him from appearing on the ballot at all. Biden Democrats have also used hysterical accusations to try to shut down Kennedy’s super PACs. In other words, they’re trying to create not only a one-party state via their persecution of Trump, but a one candidate state, as well. Or, to call it what it is, a dictatorship.

This is Joe Biden’s election strategy: Rather than win the 2024 election, he wants to make that election and all future ones irrelevant. I have absolutely no time for the Democrats’ handwringing that President Trump is some sort of “threat to democracy.” No. The only things Donald Trump threatens are America’s enemies and the left’s power.

It’s Joe Biden who’s the threat to democracy, the rule of law, the Constitution, and America itself.

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