JACK POSOBIEC and KENNY CODY: Dems will attempt to paint Republicans as 'anti-woman' going into the 2024 election

Jack Posobiec hosted Human Events columnist Kenny Cody on Human Events Daily Tuesday during which the pair discussed how the border has become the number one issue for Republicans and abortion will be an issue Democrats will use to sway single-issue Democrat voters.

Posobiec predicted that "Democrats are going to target single-issue voters on abortion, particularly the demographic of single white women" and will essentially say that "women's rights" and "reproductive rights" are at risk if Republicans win.

"They're gonna say it's health care, abortion is health care," Posobiec said. "And they will use this to mobilize voter blocks and states that would otherwise be apathetic to coming out and voting for Biden."

Kody agreed and reminded listeners that in 2022, ads were made about Trump-endorsed candidates for Congress accusing them of being "anti-women's rights in general."

He reported that abortion is "one issue that is so minute when it comes to, like, issue polling," and is usually ranking around 5 or 6 for issues people care about "which is why Democrats are going to try to prioritize it, and not necessarily go into the real tenets of what abortion really is."

He predicted that the left will never bring up factors like trimester or infanticide "because they know it'll hurt them."

He continued: "But what they will try to do is paint us as being anti-women, paint us as being anti-women's rights, when we're the ones standing up for things such as girls participating in men's sports being outlawed. We're saying that they shouldn't be required to register in the military, while Democrats bring those bills to Congress."

"We have to counteract [with] what we're doing for women in Congress, what we're doing to protect actual women's rights," Cody said, adding that "We're saving young women's lives by being more stringent and strict on the border like Donald Trump wants to do and stopping the influx of the, highest death rate of 18 to 29-year-olds being, fentanyl but it's killing young women and young men by coming over the border, we have to concentrate on policies like that."

He concluded that Republicans need to "not let the Democrats make abortion the number one issue."

Watch the full episode below.

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