BREAKING: Scottish police say JK Rowling's posts against new hate crime law are 'not criminal'

Police Scotland has declared that JK Rowling's controversial "arrest me" posts in protest of the country's new Hate Crime Act are "not criminal" and the author will not face any further action.

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said: "We have received complaints in relation to the social media post. The comments are not assessed to be criminal and no further action will be taken," Daily Mail reports.

On Monday, Rowling dared Scotland police to arrest her for misgendering transgender people and called out biological male sexual predators in Scotland who had transitioned to female.


Scotland’s community safety minister Siobhian Brown subsequently claimed that Rowling's post could be reported to the police.

"Whether or not the police would think it was criminal is up to Police Scotland for that," she said.

In response to the statement from Police Scotland, Rowling wrote on X: "I hope every woman in Scotland who wishes to speak up for the reality and importance of biological sex will be reassured by this announcement, and I trust that all women - irrespective of profile or financial means - will be treated equally under the law."

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