POSO and MATT BOYLE: Biden knows proclaiming Easter Sunday 'Trans Day of Visibility' was a 'disaster' for Dems

Jack Posobiec invited Matt Boyle from Breitbart on Human Events Daily Monday to dissect President Biden's declaration of March 31 as "Transgender Day of Visibility," coinciding with Easter.

Posobiec questioned whether Biden's emphasis on transgender ideology on the largest Christian holiday of the year could sway public opinion and impact his polling numbers. Boyle agreed with this sentiment, explaining that the decision could be a pivotal moment in Biden’s campaign.

Boyle emphasized the fact that campaigns will often come down to a “handful of moments” that define who a candidate is. He went on to highlight two recent actions that may be defining moments in Biden’s re-election efforts.

The first event Boyle mentioned was Trump's visit to the wake of a slain NYPD officer juxtaposed with Biden's attendance at a campaign fundraiser. While Trump was speaking out about violence in New York City, Biden was surrounding himself with Hollywood celebrities and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

"On Thursday of last week, obviously you had President Trump go into the wake of Officer Diller who was slain," he said. "Well, Joe Biden piled around with these Hollywood, globalist elites, two former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, in New York City at the radio, city music, performance hall, or whatever it's called the New York City in midtown Manhattan. 

The second incident was Biden’s announcement of the Transgender Day of Visibility.

“They know that it's a mistake for them politically that they did this, even though they doubled down and tripled down all weekend and again today,” Boyle explained. 

Following backlash from the announcement, the President attempted to state to reporters it wasn’t him who declared March 31 a day of visibility. However, many quickly pointed out that the White House’s declaration had Biden’s signature on it.

“Biden's denial of doing what we know that he did demonstrates the Democrats know that even though they double down, triple down, quadruple down on this, they know that it is a disaster for them politically.”

Boyle emphasized the political sensitivity surrounding the issue, hinting at adverse reactions in overnight tracking polls.

“I think you might start seeing more and more separation between Trump who is the leading candidate for president and Biden in the polls,” Boyle predicted.

Posobiec chimed in, critiquing the optics of Biden's actions as out of touch with ordinary Americans, contrasting them with Trump's engagement with relatable issues. 

“As Americans are all freaking out and people are paying extra, you know, double for eggs than they were a couple of years ago. And you think that visual is good for you somehow?" Posobiec stated. "No, it's a joke. People are out there hurting and you guys are acting like it's a party.”

Watch the full episode below.

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