DOOMCOCK: 'Gamergate 2' is an attempt to stop the woke assassination of our childhood heroes

To understand the media phenomenon known as "Gamergate 2," which is sweeping the internet and producing ever more insane takes from the woke powers-that-be, you have to start with a "narrative consulting company" known as Sweet Baby Inc. Speaking for myself, I first became aware of Sweet Baby Inc. when I watched my childhood hero Batman die by execution.  

I run a popular YouTube channel under the name Overlord DVD, and so I’m constantly receiving clips and news items relating to pop culture, which is the subject matter I focus on. I had never heard of Sweet Baby Inc. before, but that changed when I saw a bloody and helpless Batman kneeling on the ground in front of a woman named Harley Quinn, who taunts him in a condescending manner, and then murders him. The clip was from a video game called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.  As disgusted and furious as I was to see my childhood hero degraded and killed before my very eyes, I was not surprised. Nor was I surprised to find that The Flash was not only killed, but urinated on in this same game, because ever since I started my YouTube channel I’ve been covering this kind of cultural vandalism in pop culture. It’s open season on straight white males in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, in literature and comics, in every form of entertainment. Radical extremists regularly take delight in tearing down cultural icons like Batman, like Luke Skywalker, like James Bond, embarrassing them and then killing them off to land a blow against the fictional “patriarchy” that keeps these extremist snowflakes awake in their rainbow colored foot jammies at night. Extremists like the aforementioned Sweet Baby Inc.

As it turns out, Sweet Baby Inc. consulted on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. They’ve consulted with a number of development studios, “improving” video games by introducing just this kind of content. Unfortunately, to paraphrase Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon: when someone kills your childhood hero you’re supposed to do something about it. And pop culture fans did. They rose up. They protested. They blasted Sweet Baby Inc. on social media, organized boycotts, compiled lists of games Sweet Baby Inc. had previously contaminated in order to warn people away from them. The exposure of Sweet Baby Inc. as covert agents of that societal malady known variously as ESG, DEI, or, as it is known on the street, “woke”, came as no surprise to those of us constantly immersed in the cultural battlefield that pop culture has become.

However, for those of you who had never heard of Sweet Baby Inc. before reading this article, I’d like to explain what they do, and why it’s so pernicious.  

Sweet Baby Inc. is a consulting firm that works with video game development studios to make sure there’s as much diversity, equity, and inclusion in the game as humanly possible. This obviously has nothing to do with profit, but something far more insidious. To understand the vital role that pop culture movies, games, comics and television shows play in the culture wars, one needs to abandon the quaint and old-fashioned notion that entertainment is supposed to be entertaining. That may have been true in the old days, when Hollywood cared about making profits and therefore cared about appealing to a mainstream audience, but now all forms of popular entertainment have been invaded by creatures akin to the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Oh yes, executives still appear to be creating “entertainment” at their companies, but those executives have been replaced by woke-obsessed analogues, and that “entertainment” is, in a bewildering number of cases, merely a Trojan Horse to slip past your cognitive defenses, steal into your home, and deliver woke messaging to you and, more importantly, to your kids. Greed is no longer good in Hollywood, in publishing, in gaming; indeed, I seriously believe that Disney is no longer a “for profit” company. Why? Because Disney, like many entertainment companies these days, clearly prioritizes diversity, representation, and LGBTQ+ messaging in all of their programming, including children’s programs, because at this point propaganda comes before profit. Even after years of box office bombs in theaters, subscribers turning away from gay messaging and female superheroes on Disney+, and the loss of billions in company value on Wall Street, Disney insists on creating movies that promote viewpoints which alienate mainstream audiences. No one ever got rich trying to sell products no one wants to buy, and yet these DEI infested corporations persist in trying to ram woke content down our throats, because these companies aren’t trying to make money, they’re trying to remake our society, indoctrinating one young mind at a time. Gaming companies have, likewise, been invaded by these ideological pod people. That’s where Sweet Baby Inc. comes into play, so to speak.

Sweet Baby Inc. is essentially a company that reviews storylines and scripts for video games, and then provides feedback and suggestions to the developer on how to “improve” their games. And by improve, I mean contaminate. For example, let’s say Sweet Baby Inc. comes in and reviews a treatment for a superhero video game, and says “Hmm…couldn’t this character be of color? Couldn’t this character over here be gay? And we notice your hero is a white male, we strongly recommend you change that, don’t you understand how the Patriarchy has to be kept down? We recommend you change the hero into a stunning brave woman, and you should make the straight white male into the villain. If you’d like, we can write a scene where she rips his family jewels off in front of his wife, who then falls in love with her instead…that’ll show all those neckbeard mouth breathing basement dwellers there’s a new boss in town, and she’s PISSED!” This is a hypothetical, of course, but I can’t imagine it’s much of a stretch after watching Batman get shot to death by a woman and Flash’s corpse get urinated on.

On my Overlord DVD YouTube channel, I treat pop culture as an important front in the culture wars. And while many don't get it, this is an important front. In fact, I would argue it is about nothing less than the survival or death of any communal moral ideals that our children (particularly young boys) can look up to. Think about it: those who wish to undermine and demoralize a civilization do so by attacking it on all fronts - especially by undermining its heroes, real and fictional. As a boy, I learned a lot about being a man by watching Batman, Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones. If I didn’t have those examples of manhood, of heroism, of nobility, of justice, I would not have grown up to be the man I am. I'm sure that's true for many other men of all ages. Which is precisely the problem: the woke don't want us to have positive examples of masculinity. Evidently, they want little boys to grow up to be…well…anything but men. But I, and the other supporters of "Gamergate 2," refuse to let them get away with it.

And frankly, so should you.

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