Women workers at greater risk of being replaced by AI: study

A new study revealed that women are far more likely to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Researchers with the UK's Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) found that nearly two-thirds of administrative and entry-level positions could be replaced by AI chatbots, which are job positions predominately occupied by women, the Daily Mail reports.

Analysts claimed that AI could increase the UK economy by 306 billion euros, including an increase in salaries. But these benefits don't come without the potential to negatively impact millions of employees.

After examining 22,000 jobs across all job types, researchers concluded that artificial intelligence would most likely impact the economy in two stages.

Within the first wave of automation, which is currently in progress, 10 percent of workers are already at risk, with positions related to secretarial and customer service being the most vulnerable, according to the study. Young people will also suffer, in addition to women, since fewer companies are hiring for entry-level positions.

However, the study also found that 59 percent of the jobs it examined could be impacted by the second wave of AI, which would inevitably lead to more lucrative positions.

The analysis concluded that 7.9 million jobs would be lost in the "worst-case scenario."

Researchers firmly believe that fiscal incentives and legislation are necessary to guarantee that jobs are adapted by AI rather than replaced. Should that happen, the best-case scenario might result in no job losses and a 13 percent GDP increase, researchers said.

According to the study, AI may potentially result in "huge" wage increases—more than 30 percent in some circumstances, but none at all in others. Additionally, it might free up more laborers in fields like social care and mental health services that are dealing with long-term staffing shortages.

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