EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell has 'absolutely' considered suing Jena Griswold for targeting MyPillow

Jack Posobiec hosted Mike Lindell on Human Events Daily Monday after the US Supreme Court reversed the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling to remove Donald Trump from the state's presidential ballot.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who Lindell has "fought" for years now, said she was "disappointed" in the decision in a post on X.

Griswold, as Lindell reminded viewers, "deleted all of Colorado's 2020 election" despite the law stating that results have to be held for 26 months in Colorado and 22 months federally. She did this after Lindell tried to investigate the use of Dominion voting machines in the 2020 election. He called the move "the biggest cover-up of the biggest crime in human history."

"This woman is one of the most evil people that's ever walked the planet," he said, adding that she was the reason the FBI seized his phone, which he still has not gotten back.

He called the SCOTUS decision a "beautiful thing" and said that Griswold is "at the tip of the spear" in "a spiritual battle of biblical proportions."

Lindell assured listeners that he would be in the battle for fair elections for anyone and not just for Trump.

"Jena Griswold in Colorado, she has weaponized the FBI," he said. "The stuff that she's done against our country, against Colorado is disgusting. She should be put in prison."

Griswold targeted Lindell's company, MyPillow, in particular. Her "trusted bill" was the beginning of the "cancellation" threats he and his company began receiving.

"Have you considered suing Jena Griswold?" Posobiec asked.

"Absolutely," Lindell responded. "I tell my lawyers all the time I want to go after her."

"I think we only have one Secretary of State I would trust in the whole country," he said, adding that Griswold is "number one on the list" of corrupt Secretaries of State.

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