Devil-worshipping Polish influencer ‘Satan’s doll’ charged with hacking parents to death with machete

A Devil worshipper has hacked her parents to death with a machete and is facing life in prison as a result.  

Klaudia W., 27, who refers to herself as Lilith, a mythical demon and supposedly the first wife to Adam, was taken into custody in Ostroda, Poland. She lived with her middle-aged parents who are now deceased. Police found her parents' hacked-up remains after a call from a family member.   

In a video uploaded earlier in February, the suspect called herself 'Lilith - Satan's doll' and posted it with the title, "Hate Magic - Old Forgotten Demonic Sounds," according to the Daily Mail.   

"Alone, I've got it now, alone, I'm resting, I don't give a damn, f*cked up," she wrote below the video.   

In another titled, "invocation to lucifer = i wanna do sth baddie," Klaudia is seen in a pink bikini and revealing parts of her body while sinister music plays in the background. The most recent video she posted says, "Everything that your heart deserves will come to you soon," in the caption.   

Michał Przybyłek, the deputy commander of police in the town said: "The 27-year-old was stopped by a police patrol in the Ostroda district, in a nearby town."  

"She was detained by police officers on Wednesday evening in a nearby town, in an open area," he added. "The woman has been charged with double murder, which will also result in a request for a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention."  

Police found the bodies of the suspect's parents, 57-year-old Adam and his 49-year-old wife Dorota on the floor in a pool of blood. Klaudia had attempted to burn them and had poured gasoline over their bodies as well.   

She initially pleaded guilty to the charges but then later switched to a plea of not guilty. 

Rafał Kozinski, the prosecutor in the case, said, “She changed her plea to the alleged acts. She did not want to talk to the prosecutor in a logical way. She was in her own world, it was difficult to communicate with her.”

"It's hard to say what her explanation was. She was illogical, irrational and completely disconnected from reality, in my opinion clearly indicating mental illness," he said, adding that Klaudia would undergo a psychiatric examination.

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