LIBBY EMMONS: White, rural Americans aren't the problem, it's the coastal elites who hate them that are the true threat to democracy

Two white men who wrote a book on White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy took their complaints about Americans to MSNBC this week, where host Mika Brzezinski asked "Why are white rural voters a threat to democracy?"

Of course, we know their answer before even watching the clip: racism, transphobia, xenophobia. That's what they think of Americans, and they feel incredibly justified in saying it. But it's an entirely false narrative, and we all know it.

Tom Schaller leapt right in, condemning those Americans who live between the coasts, in middle-America, fly-over country, as the most racist, horrible, deplorable people to ever walk the face of the earth.

Yes, he was talking to you, my countrymen. They still don't know why half of Americans voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and now, facing a potential 2024 trouncing, they are still desperate to figure it out. All they can come up with is that those who support Trump, who back strong borders, who want criminal codes enforced, who believe in the sanctity of life, the right to self-defense, energy independence, who like the American culture they were raised with and want to perpetuate it, are racist, xenophobic, transphobic, and all the rest.

"We lay out the fourfold interconnected threat that white rural voters pose to the country," Schaller said. "First of all, they are the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay demographic in the country."

This is the same demographic that has been experiencing record fentanyl overdoses, suicides among young men, declining education, infrastructure, jobs. This is the same American population that has been overlooked by Democrats who are more than eager to please foreign interests, corporations, wealthy donors, and far-left activists.

Our American ways of life—strong families, good schools, vibrant communities steeped in US culture and tradition—have been under attack by these nefarious forces for decades, and now they deride those Americans who would rather serve God, who endorse our sovereign nation, than address the very real concerns coming from the white, rural, lower and middle class voters.

"Second, they’re the most conspiracist group: QAnon support and subscribers, election denialism, Covid denialism and scientific skepticism, Obama birtherism," Schaller continued, intoning the worst insults coastal elites can come up with.

By election denialism he means concerns over the integrity of American elections, for which there has been cause for concern since Democrats began pushing everyone and their dead uncle to vote via mail-in ballot in the 2020 election. Covid denialism, for Schaller, simply means opposition to lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and government control during a manufactured crisis. As for Obama birtherism, this is one of the more irrelevant accusations in 2024, and its entirely designed to implicate these voters as exponentially racist. As for the critique of QAnon, it's almost as though Schaller and his ilk have never heard of Epstein Island or the Lolita Express.

"Third: anti-democratic sentiments," Schaller went on. "They don’t believe in an independent press, free speech, they’re most likely to say the president should be able to act unilaterally without any checks from Congress, or the courts or their bureaucracy. They’re also the most strongly white nationalist and white Christian nationalist."

There's only one group of people opposed to an American free press, and it's the Democrat machine that manufactured Trump-Russia collusion then refused to admit it was a hoax despite literal federal investigations showing that it was fake. The Biden campaign in 2020 colluded with the intelligence community to scuttle reporting on the candidate's son's damning laptop. The Biden administration strategized with social media companies to suppress reporting on Covid, Covid vaccines, the Biden family, the war in Ukraine, and so much more. This has all been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet for Schaller, it's the Americans in the middle of the country, struggling to get by, who are actively suppressing the press.

The FBI and Department of Justice are at present acitvely targeting and arresting journalists who reported on the J6 protest and riot. Reporters for Blaze, Infowars, and other outlets have all been arrested for simply doing their jobs.

This even as an Obama-appointed federal judge has demanded that reporter Catherine Herridge reveal her sources for her 2017 reporting on a Chinese scientists who allegedly infiltrated military networks to siphon information and deliver it to the CCP. This federal judge believes the rights of the scientist to know who at the FBI leaked this information is more important than the free press. But sure, let's blame Cletus the slack-jawed yokel for being the anti-democratic force behind suppressing the free press.

As for white nationalism, or Christian nationalism, has Schaller ever met these rural Americans? Can anyone walk into a middle-of-nowhere Walmart in this country without spotting a white grandma with a bunch of biracial grandbabies? Does he have any idea how many of those denizens of red, flyover states have kids identifying as trans, non-binary, or at least purple-haired goths? The rest of the country is steeped in inclusion not by policy but by practice, and yes, they still love their God, their guns, and their babies. They want to slam people for loving God, and yes, just for having had the unfortunate genetics of having been born white.

"And fourth: they’re most likely to excuse or justify violence as an acceptable alternative to peaceful public discourse," Schaller said.

Yes, he really said that. The J6ers did not enter the Capitol on that fateful day, that day that has become the root of all absurdist propaganda, with weapons. Among these gun-loving Americans there was not a firearm in site. The same cannot be said for the Antifa militants, the BLM agitators, who showed up during the summer of 2020 across the country with Molotov cocktails.

Schaller cites polling to back up his claim. His co-author, Paul Waldman, points out that "the problems that rural America has are very real and very profound." The notes that education in America is failing and has been for some time. He does not mention that Covid lockdowns were hell on America's kids and families, that many students have been unable to catch up to grade level ever since their schools were closed.

He does not mention the infiltration of gender ideology and critical race theory, which have in many cases replaced academic rigor. He doesn't bring up the damaging concept of social emotional learning, which swaps teaching children to become competent with lessons on why they should feel good about themselves despite having learned no skills and been given no knowledge.

Waldman cites the decline of manufacturing jobs without mentioning globalism or the movement of US industry to China and other foreign factory nations. And then he blames these Americans for voting for a man, Donald Trump, who speaks about the glory of America, the need for American jobs in manufacturing to return, the need for good schools, that don't trans your kids or teach white children that they are racist simply due to their skin color, or teach black kids that their skin color means they are victims.

These men who deride rural Americans, who deride white Americans who do not subscribe to the progressive ideologies that are destroying out nation, our cities, our towns and our families, want nothing more than to discount their anger, push aside their concerns, and wash the entire nation with their broad brush of hate.

Rural white Americans are not filled with hate. They are not in need or reeducation. They do not need to be analyzed by the biases leftist coastals who still, after nearly a decade, refuse to understand them on their own terms.
Instead, Americans need to be shown respect, they need to be treated with dignity. Americans out here between the two oceans need these elites to know that it is not hate that drives them, but a love of country, a love of God, of family, and an ingrained impulse toward self-determination, independence and liberty.

The only ones filled with hate are these authors and the MSNBC analysts who want nothing more than to discount the concerns of their countrymen and ignore what is really at stake in this election: sovereignty and the true future of American's independence. Rural white Americans know this, and it's not racist or hateful to say it.


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