JACK POSOBIEC: '100% of migrant crime is preventable'

On Friday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec reminded his audience that "100 percent of migrant crime is preventable" and reiterated President Donald Trump's simple two-step solution to solving the crisis at the border, after the US has seen a week riddled with horrific crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants: "Build the wall, deport them all."

He reiterated that both Donald Trump, a "legitimate" president, and Joe Biden, an "illegitimate president," visited the border. While Trump visited Eagle Pass, Biden chose to travel to the less active area of Brownsville, TX.

Biden, Posobiec stated, "has allowed our border to become completely overrun [and] has allowed our border and our people to be absolutely brutalized by the migrants that he refuses to deport."

Trump, on the other hand, has known that the answer to the issue has always been "build the wall, deport them all."

"It's so easy, folks. It's so simple. The answer is right there," Posobiec concurred.

He then referenced hard numbers surrounding illegal aliens that were arrested by ICE in 2023, compiled by the Wake Up Right newsletter.

33,000 of those arrests were for assaults, 1,700 for murder, 3,000 for robberies, 4,300 for sex crimes, 6,900 for burglaries, 7,500 for weapons crimes, and 1,600 for kidnappings.

"In just the last month alone, there has been an accelerating rate of the high-profile violent crimes," he said, pointing to Jose Antonio Ibarra who is accused of brutally murdering Laken Riley and 5 other violent offenders, 3 of whom originated from Venezuela. Their names are Nilson Trejo-Grenados, Renzo Mendoza Montes, Stephen Claude Rattigan, Angel Matias Castellanos-Orellana and Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa.

"Joe Biden, you can go down to the border every single day between now and November 5, but it will not undo these crimes," Posobiec declared. "It will not protect the girls who have been raped, it will not bring back the children who have been murdered."

To those who "try to play these statistical games," Posobiec responded, "I got a statistic for you, okay? 100 percent of migrant crime is preventable. 100 percent, all of it is preventable. These people have no right to be here. They have no right to be in our country. They have violated our borders. They have violated our sovereignty. They have violated our own very citizens and it's very simple. The rights of the American citizens come first before the rights of anyone else in the world."

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