Charlie Kirk and Michael Seifert: Google Ai’s wokeness isn’t just a bug, it indicates a deeper sickness

Charlie Kirk hosted PublicSquare CEO Michael Seifert on The Charlie Kirk Show on Friday to hear his discuss the Google Gemini AI tool which has become infamous for being too "woke" and producing wildly inaccurate depictions of prompts in the past couple weeks.

"Multiple users started to discover the wokeness reaching new heights in the halls of Google," Seifert declared, "this tech giant that used to be sort of the pinnacle of innovation has now revealed that they're nothing but a woke cesspool that did 'Bud Light' times 100."

Seifert was referring to the catastrophic marketing move from Bud Light to feature trans TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney as their spokeperson, which turned off long-time customers and led to an extreme boycott of the brand.

He called the product, which was touted as an anticipated competitor of other AI engines such as Open AI, a "dramatic fail, causing over $90 billion in loss of market capitalization for Google Alphabet, the parent company, in just 36 hours."

For example, when prompted to display an image of the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, the engine would produce an image of a black man in a powdered wig, a Native American woman, and an Indian person.

When prompted to display an average European family, "Google Gemini showed you a black man, a white disabled woman sitting in a wheelchair and a disabled dog with only three legs," Seifert said.

"This ultimately resulted in a massive string of apologies from Google," he explained. "But they also came out and admitted that it's going to take years to repair the damage that was done with their code, which means this wokeness was not just a little bug, this is so entrenched in the heart of this Gemini product that they spent billions of dollars on that it will take years to reverse."

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