JACK POSOBIEC: The 2024 presidential election is 'the state vs Donald J Trump'

Going into the 2024 presidential election, it's "the state vs Donald J Trump" said Jack Posobiec on Tuesday's Human Events Daily.

"So lawfare is the new COVID," he explained. "President Trump isn't running against Joe Biden, President Trump is running against lawfare."

He added that "in 2020, Trump's real opponent wasn't Joe Biden, it was COVID" as well as "election fraud" and that "this was a great benefit for Biden for a number of reasons, chief among which he had an excuse to not criss-cross the country and stay in his basement all year."

However, going into the 2024 election, Posobiec stated, Biden will have problems due to his lack of mental and physical fitness. "He physically can't criss-cross the country in campaign the way Trump is about to," he said. Trump has been holding rallies across the country, often holding two events in different states on the same day.

Trump's strategy seems to be "making the story of Trump versus the state be the entire story of 2024" and not even bringing up Biden, Posobiec said.

"The average person" does not care about what the regime is concocting against the former president, Posobiec stated.

"The average person says, 'Why are you trying so hard to get this guy, you're making up crimes, you're making up these ridiculous claims against him, giving him ridiculous exorbitant sums for stuff that's either old or stuff that's been talked about a million times, and it's obvious,'" he continued.

Posobiec concluded: "Your President Biden can't run the country. He can't even campaign. Even if Trump is found guilty in one of these trials. It's not going to have the same political effect and it's been his strategy."

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