EXCLUSIVE: If Biden gets what he wants, 'Trump will die in prison like Navalny'

Mike Benz joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Friday after news broke that Vladimir Putin's political opponent, Alexei Navalny, died in prison. During the show, Benz likened the situation to Donald Trump's political persecution happening under the Biden regime and stated what could happen to the former president should he end up in jail.

Benz began by listing examples of attacks on democracy such as locking up political opponents, censoring their speech, and putting gag orders on them, which if done by a foreign dictator would be worthy of sanctions. 

He also mentioned the Justice Department going after lawyers and journalists which "would be essentially a NATO human rights violation inviting air raids and regime change if Qaddafi had done it, or if Khamenei had done it."

"The whole world knows now" with many countries such as El Salvador blatantly calling the hypocrisy, Benz said. "I think we've lost legitimacy to argue about tyranny."

He continued: "After what they've done to Trump, how can the US Government have any legitimacy in countering the argument from Russia?"

Navalny did not have more than 2% of the vote when he ran against Putin for president of Russia, Benz explained. Yet Donald Trump is currently beating Joe Biden in the polls, effectively making the situation in the United States "25 times worse" than the situation in Russia.

"Make no mistake," Benz stated. "If the Justice Department wins its rigged case in DC, Trump will die in prison."

With the stacking charges against Trump, the former president faces up to 700 years in prison.

"If the Justice Department wins, and Biden gets what he wants, Trump will die in prison like Navalny," he reiterated.

Image: Title: Poso benz