JACK POSOBIEC and ERIC METAXAS: 'God says that we are to be His advocates for Him and His principles in the public square'

Eric Metaxas joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily on Ash Wednesday to discuss his new film, "Letter to the American Church." It calls out the modern-day church for failing to spread the message of God in regard to modern-day issues.

"We're in a spiritual war," Metaxas replied when asked why he decided to "remind the American church about what our duties or responsibilities to the world are."

"The devil always wants to work with those who can be fooled into thinking that they're doing a good thing," he said. "That's where you get virtue signaling versus actual virtue."

Metaxas elaborated that there are "confused people in the American church today who are enabling satanic evil to come into the culture."

Transgenderism, sexualization of children, and grooming are just a few examples of evil being accepted by modern Christians and churches in recent years.

Metaxas explained that this is happening now because Donald Trump unintentionally "flushed the birds out of the bushes" and "suddenly we are seeing evil."

In his book and film 'Letter to the American Church', he details how churches in Nazi Germany in the 1930s in fact "opened their doors to Nazi doctrine" when Hitler wanted a national Nazi German church because they did not want to stand against it.

"That is precisely where the American church is today," he said, clarifying that anyone who is a Christian is part of the church.

In response to those who would quote scripture to justify this type of acceptance, Metaxas would say that Satan also quoted scripture. "Scripture can be twisted for the devil's ends."

He said that Christians have a duty to "live out [their] faith" outside of the church, such as in politics. 

"When it comes to a host of issues, there are churches that are pretending that you can take some safe religious path and not get involved. And I'm here to say, that's not what the Bible says. That's not what God says. God says that we are to be His advocates for Him and His principles in the public square," Metaxas concluded.

Watch the full episode below.

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