REVEALED: ICE deportation budget is only $4 billion—Senate wants to send $95 billion to foreign nations

Jack Posobiec hosted President Donald Trump's Senior Adviser, Stephen Miller, on Human Events Daily Tuesday to hear his thoughts on the $95 billion foreign aid bill that was passed by the Senate the night before.

"It really is one of the most astonishing examples of Washington betraying the American people that has surely occurred in the whole history of this country," Miller exclaimed. "It would have been so foreign and unthinkable to our founders that they would be unable to even process such a monstrosity."

For reference, he explained that $100 billion is larger than the GDP of many countries across the globe.

Miller pointed out that the US is already $30 trillion in debt and still borrowing money for "financing a foreign war in Ukraine, that could have been prevented before it even started with a peace settlement."

At the same time, he continued, "nothing for the invasion is happening on our own southern border."

Miller clarified that DC officials are actually quite efficient at achieving their top priorities. However, their priorities do not include securing the southern border for whatever reason.

Posobiec then brought up the struggle Trump endured to get funding to build the wall that would have secured our border during his presidency and contrasted that with the urgency that the Senate was able to come up with "$100 billion for the benefit of foreigners." in a night.

"What is the prioritization?" he asked. "Why is it that we can always seem to find money for these things? And yet, we can't find that same money for ourselves?"

Miller put the $100 billion into context: "The entire deportation budget of ice is around $4 billion."

The money going directly to Ukraine, he explained, is about $60 billion.

"Do you have any idea how many illegal aliens we could deport if we wanted to, with a single infusion of $60 billion?" he asked. 

However, the odds of getting a $60 billion deportation bill without "nonsense provisions" to the Senate would be "zero minus infinity," basically a "political impossibility."

This, Miller said, reveals "how sick and decayed our political culture is, and our social culture is in this country."

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