JACK POSOBIEC: US dollars spent on foreign conflict is 'money we can't get back'

On Human Events Daily Monday, Jack Posobiec broke down the economic turmoil the US is experiencing due in part to the money that is being spent in foreign conflict that America "can't get back."

"We're in a situation where the US dollar and the de-dollarization movement has already begun around the world," he said, adding that this does not necessarily mean the dollar will fall as the world reserve currency.

Posobiec explained that financial transactions conducted by OPEC involving oil and natural gas around the world are done in dollar denomination.

"This is the real US power around the world," he said. Vladimir Putin pointed this out during his interview with Tucker Carlson.

Putin had also elaborated that the US began to "weaponize the dollar" by implementing sanctions, therefore discouraging other countries from working "within the US confines anymore."

This, Posobiec explained, has amounted to the rise of the BRICS alliance.

"And at the same time, what are we doing in the United States?" he asked. "We continue printing, we continue spending" money in foreign wars such as Ukraine.

"Where do you think that money comes from?" he said. "This is how inflation works. It is a silent tax, a silent tax that eats away at your spending power."

He highlighted that 1 dollar at the beginning of the Biden administration is worth 85 cents today.

In response to arguments that the spending the US is doing is going towards US defense contractors and jobs, Posobiec stated "Do you understand that that's money that we can't get back?"

He added, "Whether it's through inflation borrowing or spending, that's money that you're taking out of the US economy and sending elsewhere."

"Just because you are spending money on something, that doesn't mean it's economic productivity, it's just economic spending," Posobiec said. "If the government hires people to dig ditches, and then go back the next day and refill in the dig the ditches ... that doesn't mean you're producing anything in your country."

"That just gives the illusion of productivity because you have false employment that's backed by US government and US dollars," he said. "It's all funny money."

He said that this is why Donald Trump, "who can shut this down within 24 hours," is needed back in office.


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