EXCLUSIVE: Putin pointed out there's 'no competing with US' on 'mass propaganda'

Darren Beattie joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Friday to dissect the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin during which he emphasized how Putin pointed out that there's "no competing with the United States" on "mass propaganda."

The first thing about the interview that stuck out to Beattie was that Putin seemed to refer to the CIA as "the driving force of America."

"Which I think was an interesting sort of insight into the way that he thinks which may be more accurate than many Americans the way that they think of their own government and how it works," he said.

Secondly, and what Beattie found to be the most interesting part of the interview, is that when Carlson asked why Putin wouldn't present evidence that the CIA blew up the Nord Stream pipeline if he had it, Putin basically responded: "Look, on the field of mass propaganda, on public appeals on the global stage, there's simply no competing with United States," Beattie said.

"The American machinery of propaganda would simply overwhelm any attempt of Putin to make such a kind of public, Colin Powell type, UN case to the global public as to who really did Nord Stream," he added.

Posobiec pointed out that while people have been critical of Putin "making this historical explanation for the roots of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia," it was worth noting that he did not try to make an attempt at a "Colin Powell" argument and try to say that he had information that Ukraine was going to attack Russia first.

Beattie agreed and added that "The US is, without a question, the global leader in propaganda and has been for some time ... and Putin definitely understands that."


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