EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone says the Colorado case to strike Trump from the ballot 'has always been flawed'

Jack Posobiec hosted "iconic" Republican strategist Roger Stone on Human Events Daily Thursday to unpack the events of the Supreme Court hearing on the Trump Colorado ballot case which Stone said "went very well."

"It's somewhat ironic that those who accuse us of being anti-democracy are trying to knock their opponent off the ballot so that we can't have an election," he said. "I can't think of anything less democratic than that."

Stone explained that Colorado's argument "has always been flawed," in that they say Trump should be taken off the state ballot because he "engaged in insurrection."

Trump, however, was never convicted of doing so. He revealed that he had just debated former congressman Anthony Weiner who then argued that "the 14th Amendment doesn't say anything about conviction."

It is then a "subjective argument," Stone explained. "Who then decides whether [Trump] has 'engaged in insurrection' if he has no conviction for that."

He then pointed out that the 14th Amendment specifically only addresses "officers of the United States" and not the President or Vice President.

The President and VP are not considered officers of the US.

Even if the first two arguments proved to be correct, "Congress would have to have enacted some enabling legislation," he said. "This wasn't self-fulfilling or self-executing."

"The only reason it's in front of the court is because the Colorado Supreme Court is extraordinarily politicized," he added. "It was rejected at the lower court, surprisingly, but the case was revived and reversed by Colorado's incredibly politicized Supreme Court where every single justice is a Democrat."

He revealed that, interestingly, 2 of the Democrat Colorado justices who went to community colleges dissented and said Trump should stay on the ballot while the 3 that went to Ivy League schools voted to remove him from the ballot.

Image: Title: Jack stone