JACK POSOBIEC and GAVIN WAX: Liberal elites are 'gasping at the idea' that Tucker Carlson is 'asking the hard questions' by interviewing Putin

Human Events Daily's Jack Posobiec and guest Gavin Wax reacted to Tucker Carlson's response video to the mainstream media's backlash over his anticipated interview with Vladimir Putin Tuesday.

Posobiec likened Carlson's interview to talking to a friend "in a bad relationship" and trying to tell them that their partner has been "lying to you the whole time."

Volodymyr Zelensky in this case, would be the lying partner.

"But the guy is just like so enamored with her that they won't listen," he said. "Maybe Ukraine isn't everything that we've been told, maybe Zelensky isn't this perfect individual."

Posobiec highlighted how Carlson "flipped the script" on those accusing him of producing state-sponsored propaganda.

"But you guys have been doing state propaganda for Zelinsky for two years, and nobody even asked this guy hard questions," Posobiec exclaimed. "How are you going to win? How are you going to defeat Russia in winter?"

In reality, Carlson is doing an interview with Putin to expose information as a journalist, contrary to what mainstream media has done with Zelensky.

Wax agreed that "when we're living in an era of lies, surrounded by propaganda and all this sudden narrative formation and you finally see real journalists doing real journalism, asking tough questions, interviewing controversial people, all of a sudden, all these sheep who have been, you know, led astray for all this time by our institutions are finally you know, gasping at the idea that someone would run contrary to the narrative that they've been spoon-fed."

He pointed out that other journalists in the mainstream media have interviewed Putin over the years such as Chris Wallace.

"I think now, more than ever, we deserve to hear what the leader of Russia has to say about this world-changing conflict," Wax stated, "a conflict that has brought us closer to the verge of nuclear war."

Image: Title: Poso Gavin Wax