JACK POSOBIEC and RICHARD BARIS: 'It takes a dirty person' like Fani Willis to 'concoct cases’ against political opponents like Trump

On Friday's episode of Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec, news broke that Fani Willis, the DA in the Fulton County Georgia case against Donald Trump, admitted that she had a relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade. Posobiec and Guest Richard Baris of the People's Pundit agreed that Willis is a "dirty" DA.

"Fani Willis clearly uses her Fannie to get guys to do things for her, she gets a piece of it on the back end," Baris quipped.

He reported that even left-wing lawyers were "appalled" by the nefarious relationship between Willis and Wade.

"This is not something a prosecutor can get wrapped up in at any time," he said, "let alone when they're embroiled in a high profile case against a former president who's running again and is the front runner of the President."

"Don't you find it funny that so many of these people who come for Donald Trump ended up having so many skeletons in their own closet, then they get exposed and then they get hurt themselves?" Baris asked.

He gave Michael Avenatti and Brian Stalter as examples before reiterating that now, it's Fani Willis' corruption being exposed.

"It takes a dirty person to concoct cases against somebody who's not dirty in order to prosecute them for political reasons for political persecution," Baris stated. "I don't understand why anyone would be surprised we would find out that this is the caliber of someone's character. Donald Trump is the most investigated person ever to run for office."

However Donald Trump's record is so clean that even New York crime families would not even dare to work with him during the height of his real estate career, Baris explained.

He said that "It would take a crooked, dirty prosecutor to fabricate novel legal theories to use to go after a guy they couldn't find any real crimes to go after him on."

Image: Title: Poso Baris