EXCLUSIVE: The US troops are still in the Middle East because there's a 'neocon imperative' to 'remove the Assad government'

Lt Col Tony Shaffer explained, on Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec Wednesday, why US troops are still in the Middle East in the first place after a drone launched by Iranian-backed militia struck a base and killed 3 of them. ​​​​

"Obama left the door open" to ISIS when he was president, Shaffer explained. "And oh, by the way, we armed them. ISIS was armed because ... weapons from Benghazi were being shipped by us."

Shaffer revealed he was in fact the person who delivered the message from President Donald Trump to "go beat ISIS" to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, Joe Dunford. Once there was victory in the region, Trump directed the military to bring the troops home. However when Dunford stepped down and Mark Milley assumed the role, he "refused to follow directives from President Trump to pull them out."

He said that he believes the troops are still there "because there's ultimately a neocon imperative that they eventually want to return to going after and destabilizing Syria and trying to remove the Assad government," adding that the troops were "just kind of waiting and biding their time."

Bashar al-Assad has been the president of Syria since 2000.

The war against ISIS has been over since 2017," Posobiec said, "and essentially, what you have is the United States forced deployment. They're defending these proxy groups who lost in their war against Assad, not against ISIS, to your point, based on this false hope that maybe someday they can go after Assad again. And I'm sorry, boys and girls, it just ain't happening."

He explained that reservist troops from Georgia and Arizona were deployed there because "we thought that we had the air defense, that these bases were essentially impenetrable."

Speaking from his experience as a Naval intelligence officer, Posobiec said that "there was this idea that if you were on base, you were perfectly safe, and it was only going outside the wire."

The attack happened on the US military's watch, Shaffer explained, because Iranian-backed militias studied the pattern of friendly drones which were not changed up because "people get lazy."

"This was a failure at multiple levels, diplomatic, operational, and tactical, there's no doubt here that this could have been prevented, should never have happened," he said.

Shaffer later explained that the US has "freed up or given the Iranians 100 billion dollars to play with right now" under the Biden regime.

"We gave Ukraine 113 billion dollars," he stated. "We've literally funded both sides of the conflict against us regarding the Iranians."


Image: Title: Poso Shaffer


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