Dozens of French farmers arrested, tractors confiscated amid economic protests near Paris

Dozens of French farmers were arrested Wednesday for blocking roads outside Paris as their protests against the EU-driven excessive environmental regulations, taxes, and low pay continue.

France 24 reports that nearly 80 were arrested after they converged on the Rungis wholesale market complex, defying warnings from the government that this action would cross a red line.

An unnamed police source told reporters that the protesters broke into a storage area and caused damage, leading them to be taken out by security forces.

Earlier on Wednesday, 18 farmers were arrested for "interfering with traffic" after attempting to block Rungis. 15 were taken into custody and their tractors were reportedly confiscated.

Over the last week, farmers from across France set up roadblocks with their tractors on main roads into Paris. 

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal tried to offer concessions for farmers in response, including halting rising fuel costs and simplifying regulations.

His efforts, however, have been widely rejected.

"We are not satisfied with what was announced this evening," Alexandre Plateau, a representative of the National Federation of Farmers' Unions (FNSEA), the main farmers' union, told the Franceinfo radio network.

"A few requests have been met, but it is not enough."

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