EXCLUSIVE: Noor Bin Laden reports globalist elites heavily discussed 'censoring US conspiracy theorists' at WEF

Reporting from Davos where the World Economic Forum, aka the "league of globalists," is taking place, Noor Bin Laden joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Daily Friday, reiterating that the focus of the 5-day gathering was overwhelmingly censorship and "targeting X," especially with Donald Trump's victory at the Iowa caucus. Both agreed there is a "spiritual battle" present between "evil," power-hungry globalists and conservatives.

Bin Laden revealed that before WEF even began, they released a report pinning disinformation and misinformation as the number 1 risk for the next 2 years, leading censorship to be the "underlying subject" of every discussion throughout the week.

Specifically, she said, it was discussed that speech from "US conspiracy theorists" needed to be censored, "especially with President Trump winning the Iowa caucus" and the 2024 US presidential elections on the horizon.

"MAGA and President Trump have been living rent-free in the heads of the people here at Davos throughout the week," she said. "And even though President Trump wasn't here, he was very much the center of conversation here in Davos."

"Are they in fact, scared and fearful of what they see coming out of places like Iowa this week?" Posobiec asked Bin Laden.

She replied that "it is very much a spiritual battle that we're in and these people are, there are no other words to say they're very much evil, and their agenda is absolutely evil."

The globalist elites in attendance at WEF referred to themselves as "guardians of trust," Bin Laden reported, and "think they are the masters of the world" despite being largely self-appointed.

"They're going to throw everything they can whether it's "disease X, whether it's cyber attacks, they're continuing full steam ahead with the climate change narrative," she stated, but said that "they're certainly noticing us."

"They realize that so many of us are awake and aware as to what they've been up to for ... a couple of centuries, at least."


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