JACK POSOBIEC: Woke writer admits diversity is a codeword for 'anti-white'

This week, I had the displeasure of introducing a new and shocking woke rant on X to the world. The rant in question came from Gabriel Urbina, a self-proclaimed Costa Rican-American writer and director responsible for a podcast I’ve never heard of, who wrote, “For anyone that needs someone to say this point-blank to them: No, wanting diversity in your art/media consumption does not mean having to make space for white, male, heterosexual, or conservative voices. It just doesn’t. You do NOT need to include them to be diverse.”

Apparently not satisfied with this incredibly blunt statement, Urbina then went on, over the course of nearly a dozen posts, to explain that actually, what “diversity” really means is almost exclusively hiring people who come from “underrepresented” groups (read: Leftist interest groups). Moreover, if you as a conservative (a “bully on the Right,” to use Urbina’s phrase) claim that this isn’t fair to you, then according to Urbina, “You’re right. It isn’t. You have been done a tremendous injustice by fate[…]You had the bad luck to be born in this era. Where people are trying to do something to correct this imbalance.” Got that? You just had the rotten luck of being born in a year when everyone hates you for the color of your skin! But that’s okay because it’s their turn. Or at least, so says Urbina, who sniffed of those excluded by this clearly bigoted system, “I’m not going to lose too much sleep feeling sorry for them.”

As if that weren’t enough, Urbina went on to claim that even in the case where, say, a TV show had no white, straight, male, or conservative writers working on it, all those groups would still have a role on the writing staff because apparently, their ideas live rent free in every underrepresented person’s head and torment them with their own marginalization.

“That’s what a history of systemic imbalance does,” Urbina cried. “It warps everyone to the dominant group’s advantage on a primal, instinctual level. Trying to fix that? THAT’s what we’re trying to do when we talk about diversity.”

In other words, we white, straight, conservative men have run a racket so powerful that we have literally gaslit every member of every minority group into instinctually doing what we want. You almost have to wonder how, if he believes this, Urbina can possibly trust that any of his ranting isn’t also an “instinctual” attempt to serve the interests of white, straight, conservative men.

Because make no mistake, Mr. Urbina, you have done us white, straight, conservative men a great service by writing this, in much the same way a secret Klan member who was trying to run for office today would do black people a great service by showing up to a campaign rally in their uniform without a mask. Which brings me to why I called this rant shocking; that wasn’t because of its content. It was because of how honest it is in expressing what we have all known was part of the woke Zeitgeist to begin with.

Look, I don’t mean to pick on poor Gabriel Urbina. From the sound of his other public statements, he’s clearly less an entertainment grandee than a bitter, sniveling insect who’s been blaming his failure on one form of being underprivileged or another pretty much since he couldn’t hack it in Hollywood. Granted, it’s a bit rich to hear him complaining about how unfair and biased everything is, when he’s the creator of a podcast that ran for 4 seasons and attracted 11 million listeners. You’d think a Costa Rican-American (read: a white person who gets to claim to be Hispanic by technicality) might feel a bit more gratitude for the country that made that possible. But I suppose if you want to have a career in entertainment, being an ingrate is a good racket.

But really, Urbina isn’t the issue here. The issue is that he was just the poor sap who was stupid enough to say the quiet part out loud, and inadvertently confirm the fears of every person who’s been repulsed by the increasingly anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, and absurdly woke slop that passes for “entertainment” in this day and age. That is, no, it’s not your imagination: they really do want to write stories over which you have no input; where you are either the hapless sidekick or the villain, if you exist in the story at all at all; where your desires are ignored and your values are actively mocked. And moreover, they know full well that this is discriminatory and unfair, but they don’t care because they think it’s their turn to do this to you, and if you object to being shut out of legacy institutions with the viciousness of the Jim Crow South in reverse, that makes you an uppity right-wing bully. Know your place, wypipo: you belong in the field, but not in the Big House with the beautiful, marginalized people.

In short, the goal of the woke Left is not to end racism, or sexism, or homophobia, or whatever buzzword they choose: rather, their goal is to reproduce all the institutions that enforced these pathologies, exactly, but with them in charge, this time. That is, they want a woke reboot of history itself. Remake Bull Connor, only instead of a white sheriff turning firehoses and dogs on black civil rights protesters, make him a black sheriff doing the same to anti-affirmative action protesters. Remake Buck v Bell, only instead of sterilizing hysterical women, this time we’ll castrate problematic men. Remake Hitler’s Germany, only…yeah, no, judging by their reaction to the atrocities in Israel, this one might not need a remake, except to recast the camp guards.

Which, ironically, means that Urbina has a point when he says that the consciousness of oppressors lives in his head, and the heads of those like him, rent-free. Because in reality, he and every woke commissar like him don’t want to end oppression. They want to imitate it. They envy it. But contrary to their victim narrative, that desire wasn’t put in their heads by white, straight, conservative men, and their ambivalence about their own bloodthirst wasn’t put there by us, either. What they are experiencing is not internalized oppression; it’s the pangs of conscience as they stare up at the Death’s Heads on their helmets and wonder, “Are we the Baddies?”

Yes. Yes, you are. And now, thanks to one of your least disciplined members, we know just how many baddies there are, and just what kind of evil we have yet to contend with. 

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