CHARLIE KIRK: Here's everything Biden has lost since taking office

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus Christ famously poses the question, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

I don’t want to speculate on the state of Joe Biden’s soul. In fact, I’m taking it on faith that it’s still his at all. But there’s a follow-up question that wasn’t posed in the Gospels, but which seems increasingly relevant the more Biden’s administration goes on: Even if you trade the world for your soul, how incompetent must you be if you can’t even keep the world? Because the way it looks, that’s exactly what the Biden administration is doing.

And in case you’ve somehow forgotten why I say that, here’s a quick list of what the Biden administration has lost since taking office.

Firstly, there’s the billions of dollars in military tech that the Biden administration left behind in Afghanistan during its. While the initial estimated figure of what was left behind was over $80 billion, the Biden administration and its allies among the media “fact-checkers” have persistently tried to downplay this, claiming that between $24 billion and $7 billion was left behind (even though the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction disagrees). But let me ask you this: why would we leave behind any military equipment, let alone tens of billions of dollars of it? Because I can guarantee you that whatever the value of what we left behind, whether it’s $7 billion, $24 billion, or $80 billion, that’s that many more reasons why the Taliban isn’t going anywhere, and why they’re going to go on not only repressing their own people, but arresting American aid workers who try to help. Well done, Biden administration. I hope it was worth it.

Secondly, there’s the over 85,000 migrant children who have mysteriously gone missing under the Biden administration. And make no mistake, those kids probably aren’t just off the grid. Rather, according to Tara Lee Rodas, a Federal Employee at the Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, what is more likely going on is “a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child sex trafficking operation,” as she explained before a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Integrity, Security, and Enforcement in April of this year. You’d think the Democrats, given their endless squealing about “kids in cages” under President Trump, might have just as much of a problem with kids in sex dungeons, but apparently, you’re wrong. I guess for them, losing all those kids is worth it just to own all those people who went to see “Sound of Freedom,” instead of the woke “Indiana Jones” sequel. But why should we put up with that?

Thirdly, and this is something I swear I am not making up, the Biden administration just…misplaced an F-35 fighter jet. What’s more, apparently they are so incompetent that they are literally asking for the public’s help in finding it. If you weren’t aware, the F-35 cost just under $2 trillion to develop – in other words, developing this fighter plane was worth almost as much as all of Apple or Microsoft. In fact, maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find; according to Newsweek, the jet could keep flying for “hundreds of miles” on autopilot. Knowing this administration’s luck, it’ll probably land in Afghanistan.

Fourthly, there’s the billions we’ve spent in Ukraine, measured even by the pro-war Council on Foreign Relations as just under $80 billion, more than half the $150 billion that all of Ukraine’s allies have spent on the war since it began. But why are we spending anything in Ukraine, when our own people are hurting and need that money so much more? Maybe, if we’d routed Russia, things would be different, but the war remains deadlocked, and virtually everyone (except Vlodomyr “Dr. Strangelove” Zelenskyy) understands that it’s going to have to end with diplomatic solutions and concessions from both sides. That is, if it end at all, because it’s fairly obvious that many of the supporters of this White House think billions of lost money is a fair price tag to keep the Ukrainian flags in their Twitter bios and fantasize about standing up to Putin as a latter day Hitler from the comfort of their parents’ basements. Thanks, Biden administration. Very cool.

Speaking of Russia, fifthly, there’s Viktor Bout, the so-called “Merchant of Death,” a notorious weapons dealer who was the inspiration for Nicholas Cage’s character in the 2005 movie Lord of War. If you don’t remember, Bout was a prisoner of war in US custody right up until Russia jailed American WNBA star Brittney Griner on charges of “smuggling significant amounts of a narcotic substance” into the country. At which point, the US promptly offered Bout up in a prisoner exchange, because apparently, making sure a Strong Black Woman ™ never faced consequences, even though she’s only relevant to a sport no one watches, is worth letting a weapons dealer with the power to cause untold havoc around the glove, including – it must be said – in Ukraine. Still, I guess there’s a silver lining: maybe Viktor Bout can help us find that missing F-35…if he hasn’t already done so, and sold it to the Russians.

Or the Iranians.

Speaking of, sixthly, peaking of bad deals, there’s the $6 billion that the US recently paid Iran for the privilege of exchanging five of our Iranian prisoners for five prisoners from the US who they were holding. Remember when President Trump reneged on the disastrous Iran deal and put sanctions back on them in 2018? Yeah, so much for that. Now, one of our most bitter adversaries has $6 billion of our money, which they will spend on God-knows-what. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad we were able to free five of our citizens from the hell of captivity in Iran. But I’m willing to bet a different president – say, the one who wrote “The Art of the Deal” – would’ve been able to get them cheaper. But for the Biden administration, which fairly obviously wants to restart the Obama administration’s disastrous policy of playing footsie with Iran and marginalizing Israel, this clearly doesn’t matter.

Seventh, the Biden administration has lost the world’s trust in the US dollar. And why not? The currency has lost 16% of its value since Joe Biden took office, and the Biden administration has made a habit of seizing stores of dollars that other countries already own. Yeah, remember how Canada debanked the Freedom Convoy? Biden did that to entire countries. What’s more, despite punishing rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, the dollar has yet to stop its inflationary slide, and that’s not even counting the many, many Democrats who have bought into crackpot ideas like Modern Monetary Theory, which hold that our being $33 trillion in debt really doesn’t matter and we could probably stand to tack on $93 trillion for the Green New Deal. Why would anyone trust a currency that disappears when you disagree with the government that issues it, and that the same government can’t seem to stop spending? Awesome, Biden administration. Great job.

Eighth, the Biden administration has lost the battle for US energy independence. In August of 2021, the Biden White House practically begged OPEC to pump more oil in order to lower the price of gas. This despite the fact that under President Trump, the US was energy independent for the first time since 1957. What happened? Green policies happened. Woke attacks on fossil fuels happened. And, as already mentioned, inflation happened. OPEC can pump all the oil it wants, but if our money is worthless to buy it, what good will it do? Yet another truly fantastic bit of work from the Biden admin.

Ninth, the Biden administration has completely lost any trust in supposedly neutral arbiters of justice like the FBI and Department of Justice. I barely need to elaborate on this one. Does anyone believe that an institution that seeks – and sometimes gets -- multi-decade prison sentences for January 6th protesters, but leaves BLM rioters untouched, is anything close to neutral? Does anyone believe that the FBI, which aided in the frame job against President Trump and has since been told to stop coercing social media companies to censor dissenters by no less than two federal courts, is really only interested in catching kidnappers, serial killers, and normal criminals? This may come as a surprise, when you treat our justice system like the Stasi, people used to equality before the law cease to trust it. And that’s not going to change, even if they some people are better at pretending they’re okay with everything to stay off watchlists.

Tenth, there’s the fact that the Biden admin failed to meet its recruitment targets for the military by 25% – the worst underperformance in the history of the US military. Honestly, this one is even less of a surprise. When the military discharges people who refuse the COVID vaccine, embraces wokeness, and tries to sneak funding for abortion into routine promotions for its soldiers,  why should an institution that relies on traditional, conservative people to sign up expect to meet its recruitment goals? Hey, here’s an idea: we’ve already sent Ukraine $77 billion. Maybe they can help us make up for our shortfall? Actually on second thought, let’s not do that. They might be literal Nazis. Or mentally ill crossdressers who want to “hunt down” American journalists for being critical of Ukraine. But I repeat myself.

And on that note, let’s talk about the eleventh thing the Biden administration has lost: the dignity of the US government. Where do I begin here? Chuck Schumer just ditched the Senate dress code (I guess we should prepare for debates in pajamas and Code Pink t-shirts), and as for the White House itself, well…what’s dignified about leaving cocaine lying around? Or having trans models parading around the White House lawn boasting of their desire to “free the nipple?” Or needing to get rescued by the Easter Bunny? The fact is, even if none of the other things I’ve listed were true, this administration already lost any right to be taken seriously.

But personally, I’m not tired of them losing. Because there’s one more thing they have yet to lose, and which would honestly almost make up for all the things I’ve listed: they can lose next year’s election.

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