JACK POSOBIEC: Danelo Cavalcante is a symbol of Biden's America

At 8:50 AM on August 31, 2023, 34-year-old convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante escaped from prison.

Or, to be more precise, he crabwalked up a wall like a Looney Tunes character in full view of a security camera, and somehow, no one spotted him or stopped him. From there, he ran across the roof, climbed a fence, and somehow managed to evade razor wire.

The story only gets more ghoulishly ridiculous from there. In the time since escaping, the “armed and extremely dangerous” Cavalcante has absconded with a milk van (he abandoned it after running out of gas), and police have only been able to lock down his likely location thanks to his being caught by an associate’s doorbell camera in Chester County, PA. Since then, multiple residents of Chester County and nearby Montgomery County have spotted Cavalcante, including one who fired on the illegal alien double murderer 7 times, though apparently failed to hit him. Cavalcante then stole the man's 22 caliber rifle and a pair of boots. 

The reward for information leading to his capture has ticked up to $25,000 dollars, and multiple PA residents have armed up and are joining in the search, after a manhunt that now has lasted almost two weeks. Roadblocks have gone up, local schools have canceled outdoor activities, and Cavalcante’s sister has since been taken into custody by ICE on suspicion of helping him, and faces deportation.

And if you paused at that last word, and said, “wait, why deportation?” then you’re not alone. Because even though Cavalcante’s escape and the subsequent manhunt have been all over the news, you know what hasn’t been all over the news? The fact that Danelo Cavalcante is an illegal immigrant from Brazil who somehow wasn’t deported after being found guilty, even though, in Brazil, he would be powerless to menace the residents of Pennsylvania, or any other US state.

And just in case you’re one of those tender-hearted souls who assumes all immigrants are noble victims of oppression who never actually hurt anyone, make no mistake, Danelo Cavalcante is, as former President Trump might say, a “bad hombre.” The reason he is in prison – serving a life sentence, I might add – is that he stabbed his ex-girlfriend 38 times in full view of her two children and left her for dead.

Worse still, this wasn’t Cavalcante’s first rodeo as a murderer. He had also been found guilty of shooting someone to death in Brazil. In other words, even under this administration’s notoriously lax border policies, there was no way this man could’ve entered the US legally. But why should he have to, when our border looks less like a territorial boundary than like a slab of Swiss Cheese controlled by the cartels? Naturally, the likes of Cavalcante were able to sneak in. Again, to quote President Trump, “they’re not sending their best.”

And yet, if Cavalcante is any example, apparently the people they are sending are not only good at murdering fellow residents of the United States, but at making absolute fools of blue state police. As I noted on Human Events Daily, despite their happy talk, the police clearly have no idea where Cavalcante is. He’s making a mockery of them. He’s making a mockery of my home state, Pennsylvania. And he is making a mockery of our country, not only for allowing him into it under cover of darkness, but for allowing him to stay in one of our prisons, at our taxpayers’ expense, even after he murdered someone. So ineffective are the police, in fact, that there are even videos of Chester County citizens driving around their own town in Jeeps, toting AK-47s, hoping to catch Cavalcante themselves so that they can collect the reward money. I knew Bidenflation was bad, but if a $25,000 reward is enough to turn an entire county into some Tombstone meets Mad Max feeding frenzy for amateur bounty hunters, even I may have underestimated the situation.

Here's the reality: Danelo Cavalcante entered this country thanks to failed immigration policy. That he was not deported or hell, even executed after his crime is testament both to failed immigration policy and failed soft-on-crime policy. That he remains at large is a terrible reflection on the state of police in blue states post-George Floyd. In other words, Danelo Cavalcante is a perfect microcosm of the anarcho-tyranny that reigns in Joe Biden’s America, where criminals can crabwalk out of prison in full view of their captors, where vigilantism has replaced the underfunded and underappreciated police, and where our so-called “leaders” have more sympathy for convicted murderers than they do for their butchered victims and the traumatized children left in their wake. If there can be said to be an upside to this stabbing enthusiast remaining at large, therefore, it is this: the longer he remains free, the more knives will be out for the policies – and party – that turned him loose on this country.

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