CHARLIE KIRK: Why doesn’t the NAACP issue ‘travel advisories’ for Democrat-run cities where black people are routinely gunned down?

On Saturday, the NAACP issued a travel advisory: Black Americans, it says, should stay far, far away from the state of Florida. 

"Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals,” the news advisory says. “Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color." 

None of this is rooted in actual physical dangers to black Americans. Instead, it’s prompted by Florida laws curtailing the poison of critical race theory and attacking the diversity industrial complex within state universities. By suppressing toxic, race-based politics in Florida, the NAACP says, Governor Ron DeSantis and other state lawmakers are engaged in “hate-inspired” leadership. 

The NAACP’s missive couldn't be based on any actual dangers for blacks in Florida. If it were, the command would be based on a total lie, because Florida is far safer than the deep blue cities where the NAACP exerts the most influence.

Where are black Americans really in the most danger? Certainly not in Florida. Jacksonville is the most dangerous large city in Florida. In 2022, it had 163 murders – certainly too many, and as is so often the case in large cities, most of those murders were blacks murdered by other blacks. 

But compare Jacksonville, with its Republican mayor and Republican governor who supposedly “devalue” the lives of black Americans, with what happens in heavily-black cities dominated by Democrat machine politics. 

New Orleans, with barely one-third as many people as Jacksonville, clocked 280 murders last year. Milwaukee, with about half as many people as Jacksonville, logged 214 murders. St. Louis, with just 293,000 people, managed 200 murders last year. Philadelphia has a population 70% larger than Jacksonville, but it had more than three times as many murders.

Chicago is three times the size of Jacksonville, but had more than four times as many murders. 

In every single one of the above cities, the vast majority of murder victims were black. Yet the NAACP has never issued a travel warning against going to Chicago or New Orleans. It has never published a single travel advisory to stay away from St. Louis or Philadelphia, and it won't until the local Soros prosecutors are purged and the cities take criminal justice seriously again. In fact, the NAACP aggressively defended St. Louis’s pro-crime circuit attorney Kim Gardner from calls for her resignation.

We don’t just have to dwell on crime. While blacks are poorer than other races in every American state, Florida has one of the smallest poverty gaps between blacks and whites of any state. Similarly, the income gap between blacks and whites in Florida is smaller than in most other states…and looks even better when you take out states like Maine or Montana, where there are virtually no blacks in the first place. 

If the NAACP were serious about the well-being of black Americans, it would be encouraging them to move to Florida for more opportunity, more safety, and a better life. Or, even better, the NAACP could call on black Americans to demand Florida-style laws in their own cities and states, so that greater safety and prosperity could spread across the whole country. In fact, the NAACP president lives in Tampa.

But the NAACP isn’t doing that. Why not? Because their name has become a lie. A hundred years ago, the NAACP existed to fight lynching and segregation. Today, both are thankfully long-gone. But stripped of its core purpose, the NAACP was easy prey for political operatives, who changed it from an advocacy group for black Americans into one for Democrat machine priorities. 

The NAACP protects Democrat officeholders, and Democrat political priorities, regardless of the circumstances, and no matter how often they result in impoverished black neighborhoods, looted black businesses, aborted black children, and murdered black lives.

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