London 'TRANTIFA' holds direct action demanding fast access to phalloplasty surgeries

On Sunday, a British Antifa group, Transgender Action Block, held a protest outside the National Health Service building in London to demand quicker access to sex change surgeries such as metoidioplasty and phalloplasty, as well as reparations and other demands.

Those are surgeries that create cosmetic penises, the first using existing genital flesh, and the second using flesh from other parts of the body, such as the arm or thigh.

The group, who describe themselves as "a group of radical activists dedicated to trans liberation in Britain" promoted the event by saying that the waiting times for phalloplasty and metoidioplasty were too long in England.

The Antifa protestors were met with counter-protestors from the UK chapter of Turning Point.

One radical activist harassed those who came out with Turning Point UK, who they described as a "very nasty piece of work."

In the lead-up to the protest, the Antifa group took to Twitter to explain that funding was not the issue but rather contracts, claiming that because NHS did not renew its contract after 2020 with St Peter's Andrology Centre, which at the time had the main surgical team in London dedicated to these types of procedures, the waits had been too long.

The far-left activists claimed that the fact no metoidioplasties or phalloplasties took place during the Covid pandemic due to shutdowns of non-essential care was only coincidence, as the NHS renewed the contract in December 2021.

The group claimed that there was a backlog created of trans-identifying individuals looking for the operation even after the NHS commissioned two more hospitals to do the surgeries.

The Antifa group told their followers to go to the administrative headquarters NHS building on Sunday to protest and make demands. The protest and counter-protest took place in the Elephant and Castle area of London.

The demands all involved getting faster sex change surgeries and one journalist tweeted out a member parading a sign that read "We demand d*cks done quick."

The first demand was for the government-funded NHS to pay for the surgeries for those on the waiting list. The second demand was for an apology.

Other demands included mental health services requests and more compensation for "affected patients." 

They also told the NHS "we will be back!" if their demands were not met.

Turning Point UK posted to Twitter that the band of Antifa protestors were chased off with the help of their chapter and the Antifa group then blocked them on Twitter.

The protest was held two days after the so-called Transgender Day of Visibility, a worldwide event where people who identify as transgender demand more visibility.

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