Unmarried Young Women Have Been Sold a 'Dangerous Lie' by the Left, Libby Emmons tells Jack Posobiec

In the latest episode of Human Events Daily, Host Jack Posobiec and Post Millennial Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons discussed the exit polls numbers revealing that nearly 70% of unmarried women are now leaning left.

Posobiec noted that these polls show that Republican candidates were "absolutely slaughtered" in a lot of races by single, unmarried, millennial women. 

"We're also seeing in the demographics that Millennial voters are now the largest voting bloc in the country, having actually surpassed baby boomers," said Posobiec.

"So why are unmarried millennial female voters going for Democrats by as many as 38 points over conservatives?" he asked Emmons.

"I think this is a really fascinating trend," Libby Emmons said about the results, "and I think that it tracks back decades, when women were sold a false promise that if they leapt into career, if they pursued their own self-determination, their own inner passion and followed their bliss, that they would be really happy."

Emmons argues that this is not true, that rather than these women ending up happy, they're going to end up unhappy and bitter.

"I think our culture has done women, and young men as well, a total disservice by telling them that there's no reason at all to prioritize love, that we should not prioritize family, that we should not prioritize fulfillment through raising the next generation. It's a dangerous lie, and it's dangerous for our culture."

More unmarried men, as well as both married men and women, are voting Republican than Democrat, leaving unmarried women holding up the liberal fort. Emmons points to some examples of how this plays out in the Democrats' big-government policies.

"When [Obama] had advertising for his health insurance and health plans, [it showed] a woman going through life, raising a child, having a job, with absolutely no partnership at all. Her only partner was the federal government. We saw this with messaging for the Biden administration as well. The federal government is there to be your spouse."

Emmons continues, "it's there to provide for you and do all of these things for you, but it's not there for your heart, not there for your soul and it's not going to give you any joy or happiness or fulfillment."

"[There are] liberals out there saying that if you lean into your career, you will be happy, and that we should eschew capitalism in favor of these big-government policies," said Emmons. "But what we see is that it's not actually working for women, and it's not actually working for our society, either."

"It's a total contradiction, it's a lie, it's going to hurt women, and it's going to hurt our society."
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