The Impresario of MAGA Media Is Now Supposedly a ‘Threat to Democracy’

My favorite new book is a fastball of a tome called The Woking Dead. It’s full of truth and zingers about the woke, their maniacal, even genocidal hatred for millions of Americans, and how to stop them from destroying our beloved country.

After listening to Joe Biden’s recent speeches, I suppose that book and many other patriotic works will end up on banned lists. Biden says MAGA Americans – people who literally just want to make America the great and good nation it once was – are “semi-fascist.” He says they’re threats to America. 

We won’t be able to discuss books like Woking Dead on the social media platforms that have been proven to do Biden’s and the Democrats’ bidding. They crushed the legitimate, accurate reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop and its many deep secrets about the crackhead son of the president who sells access to the ChiComs. They silenced Naomi Wolf for the crime of thinking for herself during the darkest days of COVIDunist collectivism. They keep silencing the woman behind LibsofTikTok. Her crime is literally posting what liberals say about themselves. When they promote their “family-friendly drag shows” and admit to grooming kids in their public school classrooms, she just gives them a little more visibility. Twitter keeps “accidentally” banning the Libs feed for that. It’s all in the service of woke zombie thinking which has eaten up the brains of millions of our countrymen and women and is coming for your kids and threatening your job.

Joe Biden really is everything that’s wrong with American politics. He never ever served the country out of a sense of actual service. He let 13 good young Americans die in Afghanistan, a long war he rendered pointless out of his own hubris. The ambitious man described by Ronald Reagan as a “smooth demagogue” poisoned the judicial nominations process decades ago. That’s been tearing America apart ever since. Between drug den sessions with prostitutes, his skeevy son Hunter made major bank for himself and “the big guy” from the very communists who conspire to make America a second-class power while they dominate the world.

The Woking Dead is one of the few books out there that details all of this. It also warns that the brain-eating woke hordes aren’t going away; on the contrary, as the book demonstrates, they’re on every college campus, in every corporate and government human resources department, and infesting the boardrooms and directing the investment strategies of behemoths like BlackRock. 

ESG leads America to DIE. What’s that mean? ESG stands for “environmental, social, and governance.” It’s a means by which leftists score corporations quite outside their economic performance to force them to get political – and reject sound business decisions along the way. DIE is “diversity, inclusion, and equity” – another political hammer and sickle the left is stealthily using to turn corporations into economic arms of the hard left that’s already wearing the Democratic Party, and Joe Biden, like a skin suit. 

The Woking Dead goes into all this. Its author, A.J. Rice, is the man behind so much of the MAGA media you love because it tells you the undiluted truth. Monica Crowley, Dr. Ben Carson, Alan Dershowitz, even Donald Trump, Jr.–Rice has worked with them all and more.

But to listen to Joe Biden and his White House mouthpiece, Rice is an enemy now and his book should be forbidden. Standing in blood red lighting and backed by uniformed Marines – the most lethal fighters the world has ever known (until Lloyd Austin made them sensitive to the feelings of the woke, anyway) – Biden laid out his case against the likes of Rice. 

It’s a weak case to attack Americans for loving America, but just spend a few minutes on leftist social media and you’ll see how strongly it appeals to the woke weak of mind. They’re eating it up. They consider themselves affluent, educated, and sophisticated, but Biden’s ardent supporters are just modern versions of the medieval villagers who’d grab the nearest torch and pitchfork to chase whatever monster the nearby ninnies decide must be hunted and killed.

You may have noticed that I characterized the same people as both zombies and mad villagers, when they’re usually one hunting the other. Have you ever noticed how mindless crowds can get? That’s the woke now, both too lazy to think for themselves and happy to jump at the latest call to pull down the nearest statue. They are the tweeting, walking, woking dead

Now that you know this, welcome to the ranks of enemies of Joe Biden’s endless, brainless state

Image: Title: Woking Dead


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