Brent Hamachek on the Mel K Show

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  • 08/19/2022

Human Events' Executive Editor Brent Hamachek was recently a guest on the Mel K Show, where he discussed election integrity issues, noting that the problem is bigger than just having secure elections.

Rather, Hamachek explained, it is about who people would vote for in a secure election, drawing attention to the fact that people in Kentucky have been sending Mitch McConnell back to the Senate for decades with an overwhelming majority.

Watch the full show below:

Hamachek stressed the fact that the battle for individual liberty is one that has no end to it-it is constant.  The collectivist side will never surrender.

People in favor of individual liberty need to understand that we are engaged in a battle with our enemies and that while the ends don't always justify the means, but it doesn't mean that the ends never justify the means, explained Hamachek.

"Mel K is extremely intelligent and has a large and loyal following," Hamachek said. "She is looked up to by many as a thought leader, and it was an absolute pleasure to be on her to show to share some thoughts."

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